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8 Ways to Get Ambient Light

It's common knowledge that we need general, ambient lighting in our homes, but there are things to consider before you get out the ladder. To avoid surprises, it's helpful to understand how your new lighting will look. If you recently swapped out your incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent ones with a screw-in base, you will likely have discovered that the light quality is different — whiter. The same is true if you have traded in your vintage Christmas lights for new LED mini lights. All lighting is not alike. 

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New Pendant Lights make the news

What has Olympic athlete Linford Christie got to do with hand-crafted, bespoke lighting?
Have you been to a bar, restaurant, club in fact pretty much anywhere lately and not seen some fancy pendant chandelier dangling from the ceiling? It seems that ceiling lighting and in particular individual and collective pendants of all shapes, sizes and materials are redefining our interiors and personally I love it! And that’s why we've called our latest creations The Linford and The Christie! Keep reading…and I’ll explain!


We love creating and so much so we have been working flat out with our “anything is possible” top lighting designer Gwyn to come up with some amazing new pendants, all in his very unique and spectacular style. The first to come off the drawing board is the pendant version of the already very popular lantern wall light (The Linford) which in turn inspired us to create the oblong pendant (The Christie). It has been a labour of love bringing a simple sketch to life and this one even comes with its very own story.   

See the full story of why these pendants are named after one of the fastest athletes in the world: Click here  Linford and the Pendant Lights

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LED luminaires to deliver Wi-Fi?

How LED Luminaires Will Be Responsible For Delivering Wi-Fi In The Future

Are we witnessing the reinvention of the light bulb? Quite possibly, yes we are.

I hear you say, but surely a light bulb (or lamp if you want to get all techy) delivers, well… light doesn’t it?

Well yes it does and is expected to continue giving us light for a very long time to come but, things deep inside the humble bulb are changing. Don’t worry if you have never hear of Wi-Fi Li Fi, you’re not alone.

What it means is that basically the familiar Wi-fi would be delivered through the visible light of LED fittings by transmitting data at high frequency. The first commercial installation of a visible light communication network has been completed in the US and the first UK trials are now underway at Bexley Business Academy in Kent, South East England.

It sounds like clever stuff but what are the advantages of such new technology?

Well, apparently, compared to current wireless networks it doesn’t interfere with radio frequency electronics so for commercial applications it would be well suited to use in hospitals and on airplanes. It is also said to be environmentally friendly and will aid with the expansion of the ever growing wireless network.

Will it be the next new thing? I guess we will just have to wait and see!

For the full article!/issue/28/page/14

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Which one would you choose?

We are still deciding which one to include in our Spring collection.

What do you think? Which one is your favourite? 

The Linford Lantern Pendant or The Christie Oblong Pendant


The Linford Pendant

The Christie Pendant


Leave a comment and let me know which one you love the most!


Don't miss our fortnightly "Be Inspired" newsletter to keep up to date with all the latest lighting tips, news and our exclusive 12 part lighting guide!  


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Lighting really isn't that important to a design

The lighting that is chosen for a renovation or new build isn't fundamental to the finished design...or is it?

I certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons when I posted this on an Interiors Designers forum recently. The responses flooded in from some top Interior Designers and they were clear and unambiguous…

“People with untrained eyes don't typically realise that when they like or dislike the feel of a space, it's largely due to the lighting” - Shay Steinberg-Industrial Designer

“Lighting is what truly brings a space to life, get it wrong and the whole project suffers.” - Jemma Hughes Mead - Interior Design & Consultancy

“A bad project lit well is better than a wonderful project lit badly.” - Ivo Enrico Poluzzi- Architect

To be honest I expected as much, I know lighting can make or break a design but I wanted to see exactly how important it is and it’s clear that good lighting is a fundamental part of all designs.

In fact lighting is crucial to the outcome of every single project and design. Well planned and thought out lighting can bring a space to life, enhance a design through creativity and is essential to a successful interior!

And that is why I’ve started this blog. It’s to provide you with a resource of lighting tips, ideas and above all inspiration. I will also be starting our "Be Inspired Newsletter" which will be regularly irregular, about every fortnight so if you want to make sure you get your copy then subscribe here.

I’d love you to get involved so if there is anything you’d like to see covered just let me know.

By Jeff Fuller

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Interiors UK

Just back from Interiors UK show at the NEC in Birmingham. It was great to see an entire hall dedicated to lighting and met some really interesting designers. Portugal seems to be the "in place" for lighting at the moment with at least four exhibitors situated and manufacturing from here. 

The seminar "Managing Lighting In The Home" by Paul Clarke was great! Really informative and a great insight into how smart technology can be used to creatively control lighting and enhancing the design. Highlighted the work of CEDIA the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association. Visit their website at

The show was rounded off with the seminar by Finlay Clark, the indusrty manager at Google!! Very knowledgeable and full of interesting facts about how consumers around the world interact and use the internet. For fun he also threw in some mind boggling facts and numbers!

Global e-commerce sales 2012 $1.1 Trillion

Expected to be $2 Trillion by 2016

UK is leading the E-commerce market






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Lighting Designed To Inspired

The Light Yard has a great new logo. Tell us what you think??


October has been a busy month and I'm pleased to announce that our little lighting business now has a new logo. I've also been busy making a moving text video and after a bit of playing around and a VERY late weekend I came up with this short, fast moving video with a great sound track that sums up what we do and how we do it!!!! 

The style of video is actually called Kinetic Typography (one for the boffins) and I have to say I LOVE IT!!! All of our videos including Gwyn in his workshop can now been seen at The Light Yard Channel on YouTube



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Decorex International Show

I was lucky enough to get down to London in September to catch the end of the London Design Week. My real intention was to visit the Decorex Design Show which was held at Kensington Palace Gardens as I have heard that this THE show to attend for the best in everything to do with interior design.

A quickly formulated game plan with my business mentor Paul Henry from Sales and Business Development Strategies LTD  proved very useful and made the visit worth while. I made some interesting contacts and met a couple of lighting designers that would be perfectly suited to my philosophy of The Light Yard.

A visit to Kelly Hoppen's Design Studio for a chat with one of her designers gave me a great insight into the world of one of the best and most respected Interior Designers and I will be taking this information to drive The Light Yard forward.

I couldn't be in London and not go to the elbulli Food Art Expo at Sommerset House (which was great!) and dinner with a good friend rounded the trip off nicely. Oh, and not forgetting the amazing chocolates from MELT for my ever supportive wife and for letting me go to London!

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First post - Creative Lighting From The Light Yard

Creating The Light Yard

WOW! It's been an amazing 6 months since I swapped to sun scorched fields of Provence for the green and pleasant (and so far not too wet) pastures of Lancashire. Since becoming a dad again "twice in one hit" I've been busy than ever with the transition of life and lights in France to finding my way around up north, moving in our new house all while keeping my French based outdoor lighting business Adorable Eclairage running smoothly. The Light Yard's story evolved from my developing relationship with Corinne from the Business Growth Hub as well as working closely with Gwyn from GCD with the aim in mind to expand his current customer base by focusing on lighting solutions for interior designers.

After hours of brain storming names, some fairly good... some just plain wrong, the David Bowie technique (fans of the BBC drama Luther will remember this) worked a treat and eventually The Light Yard came out of the jumble of words and ideas! I wanted to create a service and website that was different to all the other lighting suppliers, and I wanted to get passionate about the lights I was offering. So taking my inspiration from Gwyn's stunning handcrafted lights I decided to focus The Light Yard brand and products to providing only the very best, unique, bespoke handcrafted lighting from designers the world over. I will be starting with Gwyn Carless lights and I look forward to expanding our selection of designer lighting with a couple more featured designers by the spring of next year. I already have my eye of a couple of UK based designers so watch this space!

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