LED luminaires to deliver Wi-Fi?

April 08, 2014

How LED Luminaires Will Be Responsible For Delivering Wi-Fi In The Future

Are we witnessing the reinvention of the light bulb? Quite possibly, yes we are.

I hear you say, but surely a light bulb (or lamp if you want to get all techy) delivers, well… light doesn’t it?

Well yes it does and is expected to continue giving us light for a very long time to come but, things deep inside the humble bulb are changing. Don’t worry if you have never hear of Wi-Fi Li Fi, you’re not alone.

What it means is that basically the familiar Wi-fi would be delivered through the visible light of LED fittings by transmitting data at high frequency. The first commercial installation of a visible light communication network has been completed in the US and the first UK trials are now underway at Bexley Business Academy in Kent, South East England.

It sounds like clever stuff but what are the advantages of such new technology?

Well, apparently, compared to current wireless networks it doesn’t interfere with radio frequency electronics so for commercial applications it would be well suited to use in hospitals and on airplanes. It is also said to be environmentally friendly and will aid with the expansion of the ever growing wireless network.

Will it be the next new thing? I guess we will just have to wait and see!

For the full article http://www.luxmagazine.co.uk/#!/issue/28/page/14

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