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May 02, 2014 1 Comment

What has Olympic athlete Linford Christie got to do with hand-crafted, bespoke lighting?
Have you been to a bar, restaurant, club in fact pretty much anywhere lately and not seen some fancy pendant chandelier dangling from the ceiling? It seems that ceiling lighting and in particular individual and collective pendants of all shapes, sizes and materials are redefining our interiors and personally I love it! And that’s why we've called our latest creations The Linford and The Christie! Keep reading…and I’ll explain!


We love creating and so much so we have been working flat out with our “anything is possible” top lighting designer Gwyn to come up with some amazing new pendants, all in his very unique and spectacular style. The first to come off the drawing board is the pendant version of the already very popular lantern wall light(The Linford) which in turn inspired us to create the oblong pendant (The Christie). It has been a labour of love bringing a simple sketch to life and this one even comes with its very own story.   

See the full story of why these pendants are named after one of the fastest athletes in the world: Click here   Linford and the Pendant Lights

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Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown

September 12, 2014

I love finding inspiration for different custom lights. I’ve been building a store where I sell them(Etsy and and I try to stay up to date with new trends. Thanks for showing your own inspiration and keep up the good work!

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