First post - Creative Lighting From The Light Yard

August 18, 2013

Creating The Light Yard

WOW! It's been an amazing 6 months since I swapped to sun scorched fields of Provence for the green and pleasant (and so far not too wet) pastures of Lancashire. Since becoming a dad again "twice in one hit" I've been busy than ever with the transition of life and lights in France to finding my way around up north, moving in our new house all while keeping my French based outdoor lighting business Adorable Eclairage running smoothly. The Light Yard's story evolved from my developing relationship with Corinne from the Business Growth Hub as well as working closely with Gwyn from GCD with the aim in mind to expand his current customer base by focusing on lighting solutions for interior designers.

After hours of brain storming names, some fairly good... some just plain wrong, the David Bowie technique (fans of the BBC drama Luther will remember this) worked a treat and eventually The Light Yard came out of the jumble of words and ideas! I wanted to create a service and website that was different to all the other lighting suppliers, and I wanted to get passionate about the lights I was offering. So taking my inspiration from Gwyn's stunning handcrafted lights I decided to focus The Light Yard brand and products to providing only the very best, unique, bespoke handcrafted lighting from designers the world over. I will be starting with Gwyn Carless lights and I look forward to expanding our selection of designer lighting with a couple more featured designers by the spring of next year. I already have my eye of a couple of UK based designers so watch this space!

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