How the Power of Light Can Transform Your Home

September 11, 2015

Home decorating – two words that have the potential to inspire, excite or potentially put the fear of God in the modern homeowner. Some will always relish the challenge of giving their homes a much needed overhaul, while for others there’s little on Earth they’d rather avoid given the opportunity.

But regardless of personal opinions on the subject of home decorating, it’s usually fair to say that lighting often ends up taking a backseat. Nevertheless, with a little proactivity and a few tips from the professionals, it’s perfectly possible to breathe new life into any and every room of the home, simply by harnessing the extraordinary power of light.

Here’s a quick look at a few expert insights:

1 – Natural Light Is Priceless

First of all, there isn’t a lighting professional in the world that would dispute the fact that the very best kind of light will always be natural light. There are so many incredibly advanced lighting products on the market right now which are designed to recreate the effect of natural light, though in many respects never even come close. Never forget that natural light is the healthiest and most beneficial type of light there is, therefore the number one rule is that of harnessing and soaking up as much natural light around the home as possible.

2 – The Illusion of Light and Space

Perhaps the single oldest trick in the book when it comes to maximising light around the home and creating the illusion of added space is by strategically installing mirrors. Mirrors can be particularly effective in rooms where plenty of natural light finds its way indoors, or in smaller rooms where multiple or large mirrors can bring about a welcome feeling of freshness and spaciousness.

3 – Use Several Sources

If looking to harness the power of lighting to inject new life into your home, one of the best ways of going about it is to experiment with various lighting sources.  Take for example the living room – it’s one thing to have a single ultra-bright lighting source slap-bang in the centre of the room, but this will never create the same ambient cosiness as you’d feel were you to light the room with four or five strategically placed low-power lamps. The key therefore being to get out of the habit of relying on a single high-power bulb and instead introducing multiple lighting sources.

4 – Toy with Technology

It’s natural to become somewhat set in your ways when you have been using the same lighting products for decades and they seem to have serve you well enough.  However, there are been so many spectacular advances in the field of lighting technology over recent years that there has never been a better or more important time to try out something new. From wonderfully warming compact fluorescents to the most spectacularly economical and effective LED fixtures, you’d be surprised just how beneficial a simple switch could be in terms of performance, improved interior aesthetics and cost effectiveness.

5 – Create Something Unique

Last up, if you are really looking to step away from convention and would like to create something unique, you have every opportunity to do so. Custom lighting no longer have to be something of an exclusive and outlandish investment, but can instead to be every bit as affordable as investing in standard premium lighting products. So if there’s nothing on the shelves that really inspires you, why not use your inspiration to dream up something absolutely unique?