Discover the secret of outdoor lighting

July 16, 2018 2 min read

Discover the secret of outdoor lighting

Discover the secret of outdoor lighting 

There’s no doubt about it. The evenings are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. A late summers evening sets the ideal backdrop for a striking outdoor lighting scheme.
With illumination that is both thoughtfully and artfully planned, you can transform your outdoor living spaces. Let us show you how…
Our three popular exterior lighting collections afford limitless inspiration with their myriad of outdoor wall lights, bollards and path lights. They include:


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Crafted using hand-cut glass, each product in the GCD collection is a unique work of art. These distinctive lights are recommended for terraces and patios as well as around pools and spas. Beautiful when used in residential spaces, they also create the ‘wow factor’ as they command the lawns and entrances of commercial and hospitality buildings.
Explore The GCD Collection





Eco Series Forge LED Bollard

Offering resilience and beauty in one, the Eco series boasts peerless eco-credentials thanks to materials such as high-density MOSO Bamboo as well as the use of low-energy LED bulbs.
The hand-crafted, British-made lights will draw admiration wherever they are placed, whether welcoming you home along the driveway, around a gathering place for al fresco dining among family and friends (don’t forget the chiminea!) or illuminating a prized feature of your garden.



So, you’re not sure which exterior lighting products will withstand the elements and keep looking incredible season after season? Well, never fear. Each exterior lighting product offered by The Light Yard is minimum IP54-certified.
Since they are specially made to stop the ingress of water and particles, our lights deliver outstanding performance all year round.
We’ll also make sure you have the right knowledge and products to maintain your outdoor lights with ease – from our pocket-sized maintenance guide to oils that will keep wood supple.


GCD Collection Exterior Lighting Design Service

We believe your customer journey should be with compassion, not automation. From the beginning, we will collaborate with you every step of the way and, utilising both hand-drawn and CAD methods, create the perfect lighting scheme to suit your tastes, your needs and your budget.
Contact us to book a one-to-one consultation with no strings attached, so you can get a sense of who we are, how we work and how we can (ahem!) light up your life. Contact us HERE



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