Interior Décor Trends for 2020: Biophilia and using “just what you need”

October 25, 2019 3 min read

Interior Décor Trends for 2020: Biophilia and using “just what you need”

We’re looking ahead to next year, and these interior décor trends are right up our street

With the countdown to Christmas and the new year well and truly on, interior designers and producers from around the industry are keen to predict the big design trends coming to the UK in 2020. Two of the top trends forecast by trade experts and interior design magazines include biophilia and the Scandinavian “no less, no more” approach to interior design, otherwise known as lagom.

 Biophilia, a term first popularised in the 1980s, denotes a natural human inclination to connect with nature. Biophilia has become more prevalent in the face of mass urbanisation and lifestyles which see us increasingly disconnected from the natural world.

With global urban populations set to double in the next 30 years, sociologists are exploring the potential of biophilic design to improve our health and wellbeing through the integration of natural elements, and bringing the outdoors in through the use of natural light and materials such as wood, clay, glass, brick and stone, along with rattan and wicker.


the light yard, benefits of green living walls for hospitals  Research indicates that biophilic design can lower stress and raise employee wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. In the healthcare industry, there is evidence of substantial positive effects within hospitals and care homes, with one study concluding that the incorporation of biophilia within hospitals can reduce post-operative recovery by 8.5% and the use of pain medication by 22%.


Key components of biophilic design include: improved natural and artificial lighting, handcrafted design incorporating traditional and organic materials wherever possible, better air quality with lower levels of toxins, and house plants in abundance. Transforming our homes and offices into human-centred living spaces is expected to command greater attention throughout 2020.




While the Danish concept of cosiness, aka hygge, has become a global phenomenon, a different Scandinavian lifestyle concept will be coming to the fore next year. The Swedish ethos of lagom is all about balance – doing “not too much, not too little”, permeating multiple aspects of life, from choices around home décor to food, exercise, work and family time.


the light yard bio green living walls and positive effects on health The idea is to always keep elements in your life balanced and sustainable, so that you maintain an equilibrium. Too much or too little of one thing throws your scale off balance, creating stress and leading you further away from the ideal state.


Lagom means living within the planet’s means and making positive lifestyle changes that are convenient, economical and desirable. You may recall that IKEA released a campaign around lagom in early 2019, and although the superstore’s campaign may have fizzled, the concept it is built on is only expected to grow. After all, making sustainable living spaces that are specifically geared for your lifestyle needs and wellbeing is of growing concern to modern consumers.


We couldn’t be happier with these predictions. Of all the design trends possible in 2020, Biophilia and Lagom certainly hit the right notes for us at The Light Yard. Both align perfectly with our offering of handcrafted, artisan lighting of the highest quality, made from sustainable materials such as MOSO bamboo, and produced via a low carbon supply chain. Our bespoke luminaires are made to order, so waste is kept to an absolute minimum. Plus, you’ll be sure to have a work of incredible craftsmanship to enjoy throughout the years… through 2020 and long after.


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