December 09, 2019 3 min read


If your mirror or vanity area is marked by dark shadows, consider these tips to improve the balance and quality of light


Makeup artists and beauty bloggers know how important it is to have the right lighting source when you’re in front of the makeup mirror. If you’ve ever leant forward until you’re centimetres away or shifted left to right to find the right pocket of light while applying your lip gloss, then you’re probably not getting the amount or quality of illumination that you need to apply your makeup easily.


The best light you can use is natural daylight, but of course none of us can rely on a vanity or mirrored area to be bathed in natural light whenever needed. You’re sure to need a high-quality artificial light source. Here are a few factors to consider in your planning…


bathroom vanity mirror with lights Choose the right angle.  Light your vanity or bathroom mirror effectively with cross illumination or side lighting, placing wall lights on both sides of the mirror. To avoid causing glare or discomfort, position lights so that the bottom of the glass shade on down-lights aligns just below eye level. This way, you’ll light the entire face while ensuring that the mirror at eye level is illuminated well – this is vital because applying makeup to the eyes requires the greatest attention to detail.

If possible, avoid placing lights straight overhead, since either a pendant light or recess lighting positioned straight above you will cast shadows under the eyes as well as highlight lines and wrinkles. This lighting position can also force you to tilt your head up too far when applying makeup.


Choose the right colour. Avoid fluorescent light, or light which is too rosy or too yellow. Rose-coloured light, while it warms up the skin, may cause you to miss any splotchiness or blemishes, while yellow light may make you appear tired or ill. Warm white light remains the best option. LED lightbulbs are far and away the best choice, since they are energy efficient and emit a narrow band of wavelengths which more closely approximates natural light.


Choose dimmable. If possible, install dimmers which raise and lower the intensity of your vanity lighting. This helps them to work twice as hard, as task lighting and as a soft light source when using your bathroom as a place of relaxation. You’ll still want to combine task lighting with ambient lighting, and for maximum impact we recommend choosing a stunning statement chandelier or pendant light hung overhead.


Como IP44 bathroom pendant light The Light Yard is proud to be the UK’s leading provider of artisan, IP44 bathroom lighting. One new option already proving a popular choice is our Karlskoga bathroom pendant and wall lights.

With a unique ceramic finish, these dimmable luminaires are specially designed for safe use in wet zones 1, 2, and 3. The LED light bulb from Calex has a cool frosted finish which transforms into a beautifully crisp white glowing light bulb when switched on. Like all of our luminaires, these Como pendant and wall lights are handcrafted in Derbyshire for high specification results which add beauty and elegance to your home.

With the right lighting in place, you’ll never again need to lean in to the mirror or shift around the room trying to find the perfect pocket of light – and that’s sure to put a smile on those freshly glossed lips!

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