Stylish lighting for your garden sanctuary – a.k.a “she-shed”

June 08, 2021 2 min read

Stylish lighting for your garden sanctuary – a.k.a “she-shed”

Image courtesy of She Shed Living.Com

We’ve all heard of man caves – an often off-limits space where the men of the household head off to relax, traditionally associated with pool, darts, gaming stations and beer. Plenty of beer!

But whatever our gender, we all deserve a unique space to call our own. Enter the “she-shed”. Whether you want a tranquil space to escape the 9 to 5 or a lively social spot for the next girls’ night, it’s important to figure out how the space will work best for you.

As interior designer Martin Brudnizki puts it, “There’s nothing nicer than walking into a room that makes you smile.” So here are a few thoughts on creating a garden escape that makes you grin from ear to ear...

An at-home art gallery and studio.

Domed prismatic pendant light

Ideally this space should feature large windows, to allow for a lot of natural light and for gorgeous garden views. Keep your space clutter-free and let your artwork provide the colour and personality. You should consider adding task lighting, such as our Dome Prismatic Pendant Light for any workspaces. And for pointers on how to best illuminate the artwork on your walls, check out our blog on art gallery lighting, here.

A quiet space to address your stack of unread novels.

Gold leaf IP44 bathroom wall light This place needs to be all about comfort. Soft furnishings, plump cushions and shaggy rugs will instantly cosy-up the room. It’s also important to think about lighting for when “I’ll just finish this page” turns to “chapter” and before you know it, it’s 11pm and the natural light is long gone. A dimmable wall light, like our Gold Leaf Wall Light from The Alchemist Collection, installed next to an armchair will fit the vibe perfectly. 



A place to enjoy afternoon tea in peace.

Reeded globe pendant light

For this, you may very well prefer a country cottage aesthetic. If so, florals are your friends. Embrace the shabby chic feel with white-painted furniture and a collection of vintage tea cups. Complement this look with delicate glass or porcelain lighting with nature-inspired patterns and shaping, for that extra special, rustic chic touch.


A lively cocktail hour bar.

Orbital floor lamp

If an at-home bar is right up your street, open up a window with a hatch and a bar shelf, install a statement LED sign and display your favourite glassware on floating shelves. Industrial styling pairs perfectly with a home bar setting – and the ideal finishing touch to this style is our Orbital Floor Lamp. The lamp ticks every box when it comes to practicality and style and looks gorgeous next to exposed wood. Handmade In Derbyshire using the highest quality raw materials, it’s a statement lighting piece with a warm and welcoming glow. 

Whatever your style, turn your space into a sanctuary and create your very own garden getaway. Now, where’s that Britain's Best Shed application form?


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