Wall lights bring ‘wow-factor’ to gathering spaces and bedrooms alike

December 07, 2021 2 min read

Wall lights bring ‘wow-factor’ to gathering spaces and bedrooms alike

Anyone familiar with our company will know that, for us, lighting is all about making a statement.

Your first inclination when searching for new lighting for your home may be to browse statement pendant light collections. Pendant lights can act as a dramatic focal point, bringing a dynamic look to spaces such as the dining room, kitchen or lounge.

But without the subtle illumination of well-positioned wall lights, that living space can end up appearing rather flat. That’s because wall lights work in complement to pendant lights, drawing the gaze across the room and bringing a sense of depth as they illuminate walls and furnishings further from the room’s entrance.

In our books, that makes the wall light the unsung hero of the lighting scheme.

“You should begin by hanging a decorative ceiling fixture near the centre of the room,” recommends New York City and Southampton-based lighting designer Nathan Orsman. “Then look toward the outer walls for lighting that can gently wash the walls, curtains and art with warm, functional brightness.”

Orsman’s technique is perfect for those working with limited space who still want to make a strong impression. If that sounds like you, a series of wall lights that gently directs light upwards could be the perfect way to go.

When luminaries direct light towards the ceiling, this creates a wash of light that draws attention upwards and makes a room appear more spacious.

Helped by the subtle suggestion that your room is larger than it really is, and with the warmth and depth that likewise comes with well positioned wall lighting, it’s possible to create a welcoming environment in virtually any area within your home.

Why not give our effortlessly elegant Alchemist Clear Glass Wall Light a try in your living room? It’s the ideal way to evoke Art Deco-era opulence and bring fresh vibrancy to your interior décor.

alchemist clear glass long wall light


Bedrooms and bathrooms

If you’re creating a dazzling lighting scheme for the bedroom, you might consider a downlight wall sconce. These luminaries project a downward wash of light, grounding your space and creating a warm and cosy atmosphere that’s conducive to relaxation.

We love the seductive  Black & Gold Wall Light from our Alchemist Collection; a sleek and stylish designer addition to any master bedroom.


Bathrooms require the most even distribution of light. And for this reason, up/downlight wall sconces are often the perfect lighting solution.

These luminaries will give your walls an even wash of light in both directions, creating a balanced impression and contributing the right amount of lighting for everyday tasks like shaving, applying make-up or brushing your teeth.

Our IP44 Cylinder Wall Light fits the bill. With a textural complexity which begs you to reach out and touch it, this stylish wall light casts an even pool of light wherever it’s placed - the perfect marriage of form and function.


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