What is ‘Considered Design’?

April 28, 2021 3 min read

What is ‘Considered Design’?

Image Credits: Rennie Art Gallery and Offices / Walter Francl Architects with mgb. Photographer: © Nic Lehoux

Whether we aspire to be artists, artisans or we simply wish to style our homes with timeless quality and sophistication, considered design is a philosophy that should underpin all of our design ambitions.


Taking a considered approach to design means never losing sight of how function and livability are enabled through our use of interiors.


Think of it this way: if your home has low ceilings, you’ll probably find tall, imposing furniture would make the rooms feel cramped and uncomfortable. It’s important that we take into account the way we use the spaces we occupy, and design for the ways they will meet our lifestyle needs. 


Due to spending the best part of a year staring at the same four walls, more and more of us have been starting to pay attention to the detail, functionality and heart of the little corner of the world we have created for ourselves. We are realising that sustainability and quality are not luxuries – good design and healthy living require an equal balance of longevity and style.


This is why imbuing objects and projects with meaning, and considering the entire lifecycle of use, from materials procurement and resource efficiency to post-consumer recycling is of utmost importance.


“I think that the value of home is a bit clearer to people. People are really, properly thinking about what you get out of each thing you put in there,” interior designer Beata Heuman told W magazine.


Lighting and livability

Orbital pendant kitchen light

A great way to achieve a specific interior ambience is through the use of lighting. The style, design and placement of light fixtures all play a part in transforming a house into a home. The right lighting can instantly change a space from cold and clinical to warm and inviting. It can accentuate the most-loved features of your abode, and hide those that are less appealing.


It’s also crucial to remember the job of the light fixture is not only to fit in with your desired interior style. It may be a beautiful piece in its own right, but it also needs to illuminate the objects around it in theirbest light.


Take time to assess how your lighting will add to the livability of your home. At Gwyn Carless at The Light Yard, form and function go hand in hand. Our collection of unique IP-rated bathroom pendant ceiling lights provides buyers with the confidence that they can have the necessary protection against water and moisture without having to compromise on the opulent effect of statement lighting. 


Thinking about purpose


Barcelona pendant lights with artwork illuminated

Before choosing your lighting, thought must go into the category of light you are looking for and what will work best for you. Do you want a ceiling lamp that will spread light over the whole room? Or will spot lights work better at drawing the eye to art work? Would warm lighting in the form of dimmables bring out the best in your space? Or are brighter lights needed to help with tasks?


Maybe a mix would work best. “Always think about varying the heights of your light sources. I think a petit table lamp or a floor lamp are both beautiful options for a bedroom and will force the eye to move about the space,” interior designer Athena Calderone told Living ETC.



And don’t forget about your outdoor space, too. The design of lighting in gardens and on pathways is no less vital. Quality materials are essential, as the lights need to be able to withstand the unforgiving British weather – as well as the odd day of blistering heat! Many of Gwyn Carless at The Light Yard’s outdoor lighting fixtures are crafted from extremely durable MOSO bamboo. This means they won’t swell or shrink due to environmental changes.


So, the next time you’re tempted by the look of a new statement piece, assess the craftsmanship and durability before taking the plunge. How will this bring your home together and ‘work’ for you? Make sure it ticks every box!


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