Art Deco: Jazz era-inspired lighting to help you nail 2021’s big trend

March 30, 2021 3 min read

Art Deco: Jazz era-inspired lighting to help you nail 2021’s big trend

Ready to swing into the roaring 20s?

Art Deco design, which has been gaining momentum over the past year, is set to become one of the biggest trends of 2021.

The Scandinavian minimalist mindset has been dominant for so long, say interior design experts, that the pendulum is now swinging away towards opulence – and perhaps even decadence – as a maximalist design aesthetic takes over.

Anticipate a rebound from the pared back furnishings and muted colour palettes of the past, as these give way to expressions of playfulness and indulgence. Although hospitality venues in particular have become increasingly formulaic in design over the past several years, hotel and restaurant settings will become home to bold design risks as interior stylists experiment in extravagant colour and generous texture.

When it comes to residential spaces, homeowners will demonstrate a new appreciation for grandeur as they incorporate sumptuous fabrics and majestic accessories into their interior settings.


So what exactly is Art Deco?

IP44 Art deco ribbed glass bathroom pendant lighting

Art Deco first emerged from Paris more than 100 years ago, but it’s ripe for a comeback. Our century’s version of the trend features grand curves, dynamic geometric detailing and organic shapes such as the classic fan motif. These are complemented by a sophisticated modern colour palette and luxe metallics.

Evoking the gaiety and romance of Fin de Siecle Paris, a time of nostalgia before Europe was sunk into the tragedy of the Spanish Flu and the First World War, Art Deco is nothing if not a celebration of vibrancy and joie de vivre.

Taken in context it’s not hard to deduce just why Art Deco is having a heyday now, in reaction to the restricted lifestyles of today’s pandemic era.

“People are wanting some magic, some stagecraft, some theatricality. To just have their spirits lifted. They want to feel that excitement, and to be able to cut it in the air with a knife,” Ian Schrager, creative director of the Edition and owner of Public hotels told Conde Nast Traveller. “People will reject sameness. They will want to try and have a real unique experience. They will want to be made to feel good.”


Glass lighting. Crystal ball?

Epoque flush ceiling light art deco style

In a recent feature, predicted that Art Deco would be one of two big trends to take over in 2021. The other, it stated, would be brass trimmings and fittings which would bring a regal look to home accessories. In everything from chair legs to dresser knobs to mirrors, brass is in.

Although we haven’t used a crystal ball to predict these trends, over the course of many months we have been developing an all new Collection which puts a contemporary twist on jazz-era opulence.

Gwyn and his team utilise artisan techniques to fashion key works from LSA International’s art-nouveau inspired glass vases into distinctive luminaires – complete with lustrous brass fittings. We’ve put our own spin on the refined and timeless beauty of Fin de Siecle opulence to create dramatic lighting suited to the sophisticated tastes of modern-day homeowners, architects and interiors professionals.






IP44 bathroom pendant lights in partnership with LSA International

And because we know that Art Deco bathrooms are a perennial favourite among interior designers, we’ve also made bathroom-ready IP44-rated luminaires, so that you can bring that pop of colour and glamour into your at-home wellness spaces.

To browse the all new Epoque Collection, click here.

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