A move from London to Avignon in the South of France sparked a new found passion for lighting and photography inspired by the dramatic effect of lighting on classical French architecture at night

A chance meeting leads Jeff to create Adorable Eclairage and the journey of supplying high end exterior lighting to private clients and Châteaux throughout France and Switzerland starts

The range of lighting expands to include British hand crafted exotic wood and glass outdoor and indoor lights. Focus shifts to working with and showcasing British artisans and Gwyn Carless joins us as our first artisan designer.

A move back to England leads us to settled in the North West between the Lake District and the Pennines. The Light Yard is founded with the key emphasis on delivering exceptional customer service, trust, integrity to customers in the UK and abroad and briging the 1 on 1 customer relationship experience to an on-line store.

The Light Yard quickly establishes itself and the reputation for supplying unique and exceptionally high quality lighting continues to grow. The search starts for new designers and products. Spanish outdoor lighting manufacturer and father and son team Konic joins The Light Yard in the early summer swiftly followed by precision German engineered lighting from Akari Design.

Collaboration between Jeff and Gwyn continues to grow leading to some late night experimenting with traditional Edison filament light bulbs. As a result, a completely new collection of lighting is created. The Alchemist Collection is launched in March at the Hotel Design Summit London.

With the collections of lighting growing and orders coming in from all over the world The Light Yard HQ relocates to bigger premises in Greater Manchester.

Assembly and dispatch of the Alchemist Collection is moved to Manchester while the handcrafted manufacture remains in Derbyshire.


The Light Yard showroom officially opens. The addition of a Luxone automation system gives us the opportunity to immerse visitors in a new interactive sound and light experience.

A interior and exterior lighting design service also becomes available.