Buying Lighting Products Online – How to Make the Right Choice

January 26, 2016 3 min read

Buying Lighting Products Online – How to Make the Right Choice

There really isn’t a great deal or bargain you cannot pick up from an online lighting retailer and save a small fortune in the process. Interior designer lighting is no exception and there are now more retailers selling high-end lighting products online than ever before. Unsurprisingly, not all of these retailers are of quite the same quality, which means that buying online is something that certainly shouldn’t be taken for granted.

So if you are looking to go online and spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds, it’s imperative to make sure you are buying from the right people and purchasing the right products.

In terms of making this happen, it isn’t all that difficult and it involves carrying out just a few simple checks prior to going ahead with your purchase. If you are considering investing in the highest quality lighting products in the near future and plan to buy online, just be sure to tick the following boxes before going ahead and making a purchase:

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Dedicated Lighting Suppliers
First of all, we would advise that if you are looking to buy the very best when it comes to home lighting products, you should shop exclusively with dedicated lighting suppliers. The time might come when you need to ask a few questions or address a few concerns, so it’s worth shopping with dedicated specialists that have the right kind of experience and knowledge.

Quality Brand Dedication
It’s advisable to look for those retailers who supply a few superior quality brands rather than the heavily discounted stores that sell thousands of products from every single brand on the market. Of course there needs to be plenty of choice on offer when it comes to the choice of products, but when you find a retailer that sticks to just a few industry leading brands and suppliers, you can be assured that they have personally selected and vetted every item they sell.

Bespoke Orders
A few specialist lighting suppliers will often offer a bespoke lighting solution. Although not always necessary, when a retailer is able to offer the service, it is usually a sign that they are operating at the very top of their game. And of course, should you want something very specific and unique to your own needs, a customised light fitting can bring a very unique element to any design or renovation.

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Guarantees & Warranties
It’s important to carry out checks prior to buying any light fitting to determine the exact extent of the product guarantee. When purchasing high-end lighting for the home or the garden, expect to find fittings with at least a 2 year guarantee and some even offer as much as a 25 year. Be sure to ask as many questions as necessary to understand the fitting you are purchasing and don’t be put off with feeling like you have to understand the technical jargon. Any good quality dedicated supplier should be only too happy to give clear and simple explanations and instruction.

Customer Feedback
Last but by no means least, is to look for evidence of feedback and reviews that clarify exactly how the retailer operates. Customer testimonials should include not only the customer service and quality of the products purchased, but also look for feedback of the overall customer buying experience.


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