Lighting up your garden in Autumn

October 01, 2018 3 min read

Lighting up your garden in Autumn

Our Top 3 tips for lighting up your garden 

Without lighting, your garden can be a dark, inaccessible area. Autumn is the ideal time to be looking into how you want to light up your garden as the nights start to draw in.

Standard base lighting and fairy lights are a great place to start for a quick option, but to last through to the Autumn you may want something a lot more sturdy and durable and specifically designed for outdoor use. Whether you’re throwing a BBQ, dinner party or just having some friends over, here are some tips to get you enjoying your garden before the sun disappears!

Light Up Your Plants And Trees
Uplighting of plants and bushes for outdoor effect


Positioning your outdoor lights near to plants, trees and bushes can result in stunning effects and shadows. Even when it is too cold to sit in your garden on an evening, your lights will create a feature of your trees and plants all year round. To avoid staring into the darkness, place lights around every part of your outdoor space. Using wall lights or spotlights can provide ambient lighting providing you and your guests with a beautiful view. A unique and contemporary option for lighting up your trees can be found here.

Light The Way 
Acier LED Bollard Light, path & walkway lighting

Acier LED Bollard Light 
Lead the way through your garden by using path lights and driveway lights to lead the way. You could easily achieve a uniform look with bollards lights at regular intervals along the path or use border lights for a less formal look. This can create a dramatic look which will feel welcoming and inviting for visitors who come to your home.

If you have stairs in your garden you could also make these a feature by installing some LED step lights, as well as making sure that they are visible and do not result in accidents.

Merus flush outdoor step lights

Turn Walls Into Features
All gardens have walls, so why make them boring and harsh looking. Making your wall into a feature can be easily done by installing pillar LED wall lighting.

ECO Beacon LED wall light for pillars


Match your exterior lighting to your interior design
There is no reason why your interior design can’t continue out into your outdoor space. Both your house and garden can echo each other’s style and design of lighting to create a continuous theme. You can purchase outdoor lighting crafted from solid hardwood such as our Eco City 700 bollard, the Eco Classic LED bollard made from Moso bamboo, our Acier LED bollard manufactured from high quality stainless steel or the Azure Deck Light made from float glass as well as the glass layered Cube Deck Light, all of which are designed to suit your theme. Which ever style you are looking for there will most definitely be a form of lighting that will fit your theme perfectly.

Don’t overdo it!
It is important that you plan the scheme of your garden to make sure that you aren’t just selecting random effects and styles. Unless your planning on guiding planes into your garden, less is definitely more when it comes to outdoor lighting. Using too many lights can overpower a garden, make sure you decide which parts of your garden you would like to draw attention to.

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