Make more of your Man Cave with ubercool lighting

April 08, 2021 3 min read

Make more of your Man Cave with ubercool lighting

We’ve been spending a lot of time hemmed in at home lately – so we can all be forgiven for wanting a bit of space to ourselves.


Whether you’re already in the process of converting the garage into an enviable Man Cave, or you’re just breaking ground on your purpose-built shed in the garden, taking some time to find the right lighting options for your soon-to-be sanctuary will give it bags of personality and improve functionality further down the road.


A cave fit for a king


Cafe racer white star helmet pendant light

We’re never ones to espouse or promote rigid gender stereotypes – you do you, is what we say. But like it or not, the term Man Cave has become shorthand for a space, often dedicated to a love of sport, with a distinctly masculine design aesthetic. A Man Cave is not, however, a de facto den of beer pong and frat house shenanigans; the spaces are becoming ever more smartly and attractively designed.


If your preference is a contemporary space that isn’t fussy and won’t look cluttered, then an industrial-style man cave is a great choice. In order to create the trend in your home, incorporate lots of metals and clean lines, but also try to mix in natural fabrics such as wood and leather. This will help to create a softer look to balance the industrial elements.





Cafe race Italia helmet pendant light

When styling a Man Cave, it might help to choose a games table as a centrepiece. This could be a football table, billiards table or air hockey table. Dart boards, pinball machines and antique (ahem, 80s era!) video games are also amazing additions.


Since games and activities are key to designing a man cave your mates will envy, you could also consider a cinema or a sound system of distinction. Most proud Man Cave owners will certainly want to throw in a bar or a drinks trolley so as to ensure a beverage is always to hand.



Don’t leave lighting too late


The space you’re planning is going to be legendary – right? Not if you’ve been lax in your lighting plans.

You’ll find a tremendous selection of neon lights online from sellers like Bag and Bones, and these make a bold style statement. The neon lights against pared back industrial design elements, such as a brick wall, give the space a quirky feel.

Luminaires from our Café Racer Collection can likewise bring a sense of irreverence and playfulness.



Cafe Race helmet pendant light - Union Jack

In developing these unique lighting options we gave our fondness for nostalgia free rein. The original fixtures reflect our studio’s creative drive and our irrepressible sense of fun. The funky designs hold limitless possibilities, since each luminaire can be customised with the artwork or message of your choice – for a one-of-a kind interior design solution or the perfect gift for a motorbike or British rock enthusiast.

Crafted to the highest standard in our Derbyshire studio, each dimmable fixture comes with a long-lasting Edison-style LED filament bulb. These qualities combine to deliver a pendant light which is both characterful and high-performing – the perfect addition to the ultimate Man Cave.

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