Pathway and bollard lights for a spectacular outdoor lighting scheme

February 02, 2022 3 min read

Pathway and bollard lights for a spectacular outdoor lighting scheme

The festive season has finally come to an end. So why not use the post-Christmas lull to look ahead to outdoor entertaining in the warm weather to come – and take this opportunity to update your exterior lighting?

You’re sure to rush outside to entertain al fresco as soon as the weather permits it. But even with the sun shining, you’ll still need to consider your outdoor lighting arrangements. That way your party can outlast the early spring sunset.

Whether you’re dashing in to pour your guests another round or ferrying food and furniture to and from the fire pit, pathway lighting is a crucial element to consider.

cats iron British handmade fire pits

Pathway lighting is also used around patios, to line driveways and flank entranceways, to ensure anyone going to or from your home can do so safely from dusk to dawn.

Here, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions on illuminating pathways as part of a spectacular outdoor lighting scheme…

What is a pathway light, or path light?

contemporary deck light

A traditional pathway light features a sleek, classic look with clean lines and smooth curves.

Pathway lights come in all shapes and sizes. Traditional pathway lights tend to feature a top hat or directional head which projects light up towards a building or down towards a path.

Contemporary options feature many different designs, with layered or grooved top hats or heads, but generally speaking the form and function remain the same.

What is a bollard light? What is its function?

contemporary bollard lighting for gardens and driveways


Bollard lights are a stoutly elegant, beautifully constructed alternative to traditional pathway lights. They are often cylindrical or rectangular and offer a minimalist way to light any pathway, drive or walkway.

What's the difference between a bollard and a pathway light?

In contrast to pathway lights, bollard lights may not feature a top hat or directional head. They are typically larger than pathway lights and are used in contemporary settings to bring a sense of grandeur.

Where can you use bollard lights?

Bollards are often used on larger-scale commercial projects, but they also work stunningly in the right domestic garden setting.

What type of lighting is used for walkways?

Beautifully hand crafted bollard lights for gardens and driveways

Whatever type of lighting you like. Scope, scale and setting are the most important considerations to take into account when selecting the correct lighting options for your pathway or drive.

If your garden features a quaint path that runs a short distance from your terrace to your door, use an equally quaint and traditional pathway light to match.

Our beautiful ECO Mini Classic LED Path Light is perfect for smaller gardens or for your smaller path. Hand made in the UK from sustainable MOSO bamboo, it features a free five-year guarantee.

Beautifully hand crafted bollard lights for gardens and driveways

Conversely, if you’re lighting a large winding pathway that curves around a property from the front yard to the back, you should opt for a taller light fixture that is able to cast light further in a larger diameter.

Why not go with our contemporary ECO City 700 LED bollard light? Decorative and functional, this bollard is designed to provide discreet and elegant ambient light on paths, walkways, patios, gardens and landscapes in residential and commercial settings.

Beautifully hand crafted bollard lights for gardens and driveways

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