‘Playful’: the interior design trend we need in our lives NOW

October 05, 2020 2 min read

‘Playful’: the interior design trend we need in our lives NOW

Imagine large blocks of colour, geometric designs and bright, fun accents such as fresh florals.

Although this may at first sound like a Lego Fantasyland mash-up, this interior design trend is anything but child’s play.

Previously predicted to become one of the biggest design trends of 2020, the ‘playful’ trend features sumptuous surfaces and light-hearted colour palettes. Used in residential and hospitality spaces alike, ‘playful’ interior design is above all cheerful and uplifting – and isn’t that what we all need right now?

So, how can you bring a little of this design trend to your own home?

Your first step should be to curate the space in order to make it clutter-free and organised.

Next, choose an amusing colour palette, reminiscent of your favourite summer treats. (We love the Health is Wealth palette from schemecolour.com – and the name is apropos for this year too!)

Choose from among bold geometric shapes and large patterns such as stripes, then select accents such as fresh florals.

interior designer colour swatch


Patterns at play


Professional interior designers use patterns to create visual interest and add energy to the given space. But choosing a pattern can be tricky… here’s what the experts say:


“It's more about which patterns make you happy,” says interior designer Elizabeth Cooper. “Personally, I'm a big fan of stripes, which can work really well with so many other patterns. Floral prints are very classic and are sentimental for lots of people – they remind them of their childhood homes or even their grandparents’ houses.”


If you begin by choosing a multi-coloured pattern, you can then pull out colours to use in different elements in the room such as the walls, ceiling and upholstery, while still retaining a cohesive look. But you don’t need to go absolutely bonkers – as choosing anchor fabrics or tiles (even bringing in a couple of neutrals), is key to grounding the space and preventing it from looking disconnected or busy.


We love this interiors trend because it can give traditionally austere spaces a less formal and more welcoming feel. Interior spaces designed with cheerfulness in mind also help us to tap into our happy memories, while setting the stage for making more joyful memories in the future.


Here are our recommendations for your cheeriest lighting yet…


calex boden coloured glass pendant light

The beautiful ovoid shape of our Calex Boden Pendant Light will certainly add a sense of playfulness and joy to your interior space. The Calex-made decorative light bulb has been paired with our very own solid brass pendant cord set, giving it an elegant and striking appearance well suited to contemporary bedrooms or kitchens.


If you’re updating a bathroom, and aiming for a playful yet glamorous style (we’re thinking blush with gold accents), why not consider our Long gold-leaf Alchemist Bathroom Wall Light?

Handcrafted and made to last, these eye-catching beauties bring a touch of chic to your interior spaces, while premium quality reeded glass delivers a geometric pattern which aligns with the trend quite perfectly.

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Images provided courtesy of Keresii72 and pozytywnewnetrza from pixabay