Steampunk Design: Introducing our all-new Café Racer Collection

May 04, 2020 3 min read

The new Cafe Racer pendant light collection from The Light Yard

Company director Jeff Fuller brings us up to speed on the latest offering…

Hi Jeff. Congratulations on the launch of your new collection! Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it…

The 1960s British rock scene was unique in the truest sense of the word. In this collection we wanted to pay tribute to the irreverent and rebellious café racer motorbike subculture while creating some seriously cool lighting in the process. Style was a massive part of the café racer motorbike culture, while icons like Steve McQueen set the trends throughout the 60s. It was the absolute epitome of cool.

Café Racer culture encapsulates a brilliant period of British culture, and the motorbikes represented youth and an intolerance of the status quo. The bikes themselves were minimalist, built for high speeds and responsive handling, and there are many enthusiasts around the world who love the bikes and the culture today.

So will the new light fixtures get your customers revved up too?

The cafe racer pendant light collection
Well, we hope so! Each fixture is crafted to the highest standard in our Derbyshire studio, and the funky new designs hold limitless possibilities since each can be customised with the artwork or message of your choice. They are the perfect quirky and stylish interior design solution or a one-of-a-kind gift any motorbike or British rock enthusiast will love.

What design intention were you aiming to fulfil?We really aimed to push the boat out with something different. In this collection we wanted something fun which didn’t take itself too seriously – they are definitely not austere! We’re confident that with their wide-ranging options and customisability they’re going to be attracting a lot of attention: catching the eye of our existing clients who know us well, and pulling in new clients too.

The lights demonstrate the breadth of our creative offering, while tapping into a major trend currently hitting the design world, in everything from fashion to packaging design: retrofuturism. It means, in this case, combining the nostalgia of the 60s and 70s with present day and futuristic elements. We’ve integrated an Edison-style, energy-efficient LED Calex light bulb, so that switching on your filament bulb won’t burn up precious electricity or drive up your energy bill. You also get elements such as a modern ceiling rose and fabric flex, which combine to give you a seamless presentation. Although they’re not meant to stand out in themselves, these subtle elements are absolutely essential to the overall look.

The light is customisable. Can I put any message I want on it?

The Vintage USA Cafe Racer pendant light from The Light Yard These days it’s all about personalisation. We know that people order bespoke lighting because they a, have exacting specifications and complex lighting needs and/or b, they are seeking a piece of craftsmanship with a personalised touch, created with that individual buyer in mind.

With the Café Racer collection, you can have your initials, your full name, a family motto, crest, wise quote or wisecrack printed on the side of the helmet. Simply send us the artwork, and we’ll do the rest.

What aspect of the collection stands out most for you?

I love the way the collection aligns with our Made in Britain hallmark. At Gwyn Carless at the Light Yard, we pride ourselves on representing the very best in British craftsmanship, and wherever possible use components from here in the UK. This isn’t just a USP of our brand – ordering components made domestically helps us to support other British businesses and means we ship significantly fewer parts from places such as China, Taiwan and Sri Lanka, which helps us to keep our carbon footprint as low as it possibly can be.

How do I place an order?

It’s simple. Browse the collection here, call us on 0330 223 3940 or email to get the ball rolling.