Project Overview

Nestled within a 10 acre conservation area and set against a dramatic peninsular seaside backdrop, this home remodel located on Maui, Hawaii's "valley isle", remains one of The Light Yard's most remarkable residential projects to date.

The architects and interior designers tasked with updating this 25-year-old Maui residence sought a contemporary lighting solution, for a showstopping look which would continue from the entrance gates through to the main residence and out to the exterior spaces.

Project Brief

A number of luminaires would be positioned beside glass bi-fold doors to blur the boundaries between interior and exterior, allowing the living spaces to flow from inside to outside without hinderances and in perfect complement to the beauty of the surrounding natural environment. 

Every item used in the remodelling would be of the very highest quality, while all lighting would need to comply with US lighting codes. Further challenges included the property’s remote location and conservation setting, as well as some pretty pesky light fixture-invading insects. 

Longevity within a salt-water marine environment was a chief concern, and it was vital to the clients that the lighting would remain free of corrosion and pose no risk to the pristine natural environment of the peninsula.

The Outcome

Following a six-month design period marked by extensive communication with teams in Hawaii and the mainland United States, with samples provided in accordance with the client’s approval process, The Light Yard created 40 bespoke stacked glass luminaires for this exceptional residence. Outside, its gateposts would be illuminated by special lighting fixtures painstakingly designed to withstand extreme weather such as high winds, heat and cold, while remaining unmarred by the ingress of minute local insects. Within the home itself, the luminous green light emitted by the hand-crafted stacked glass luminaires ideally fulfilled the architects’ aesthetic intentions to create synergy with the sun, sea, and shore. This was further complemented by glass partitions and the green and yellow slabs of onyx and quartzite counter tops used throughout. Each hand-crafted luminaire was created to exacting specifications and would incorporate various LEDs; all were dimmable to provide adjustable illumination levels.


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The luminaires would become integral to each space’s intended purpose, used to merge outdoor spaces within indoor in some places, while working to delineate one room from the next in others. One notable example of this was the use of oversized 24” square Azure bollards which worked to separate a freestanding bath and surrounding bathroom area from other living spaces – while also acting as a table on which to rest a cocktail or glass of champagne! Being proactive, remaining responsive to the client’s needs and being contactable no matter the time difference were crucial factors in delivering a hassle-free design process and outstanding outcome for the client. With the property going on to garner prestigious accolades for its design, we are proud of the role we played in creating this unforgettable home.

“The entire process was very smooth. In Hawaii everything comes by boat and our team was aware that the process would entail lead times; at no time were we hampered by working with a company based over in the UK. It’s a remarkable property to begin with, and your lights really pulled it all together. I don’t think I could have had a different or a better choice. There was no one else who could touch what you did.”

Sara Woodfield, lead architect at Harrison Woodfield Architects, Inc

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