A Zoom with a view? How to create a tranquil home office with the perfect lighting

January 14, 2021 3 min read

A Zoom with a view? How to create a tranquil home office with the perfect lighting

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The recent news of another national lockdown has added to the uncertainty about what 2021 will bring – but one thing we know for sure is that those who can work from home will have to do so a little while longer.


If you’ve been stalling on getting your home office set up in a way that helps you feel positive and productive, now is certainly the time.


This time on the Blog of Light, we’ll be discussing ways to establish a dedicated home office in the space you have available.


Whether you’re working with a spare room or attempting to turn a dividing wall or closet into a zone of calm and productivity, there are plenty of easy, affordable ways to maximise space.


Here, we’ve collated a few tips on converting any space in your home into an office to see you through the rest of lockdown– and beyond…


Selecting your space


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First thing’s first. You need to select a space within your home to convert into an office.


If you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, utilising this space is certainly ideal. However smaller spaces, like alcoves and corners, are fine. Just make sure the space you choose isn’t a thoroughfare for your family.


A room divider is a stylish, affordable way to delineate space when you’re setting up an office within a larger room. But you should also consider what else the room is used for on a daily basis. Does it also contain a living area or TV? If so, think twice.


The headache of shooing your kids away every time you jump on a Zoom call will result in distraction and unnecessary tension. Reason enough to leave large gathering spaces out of the equation, even if that means your home office will have fewer square feet.  


Equipping your office 
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Minimalist home office ideas

Once you have the perfect space in mind, the next step is equipping your office. This is a balancing act between comfort, style and practicality.


Ideally, you want your office space to maximise productivity while blending seamlessly into your home.


That means streamlining. Avoid the eyesore of 1980s-style in-trays and filing cabinets and equip your office with minimalist equipment, furniture and technology.


This will minimise unnecessary clutter and give you the best chance of remaining calm and productive throughout the working day.


You may also want to consider the environmental credentials of your office equipment. Research recycled stationery and sustainably-built office furniture.


There are plenty of affordable eco-friendly options out there that will help you sleep soundly following your office renovation.


Lighting your office
Featured - The Vienna Pendant Light


Vienna calex pendant light for home offices

Lighting your space is the best way to define its purpose. When it comes to your home office, you should choose lighting that keeps you alert while creating an atmosphere you feel comfortable in and that fits into the design of your home.


For us, it’s all about the brightness of the lighting you choose. Fixtures which are too bright risk washing you out, too low and you could experience eye strain. A fixture with a kelvin level of at least 4,000 and a lumen level of around 500 should do nicely.


Some experts also recommend choosing lighting with a blue hue. This cooler tone will help keep you stay alert and active, and support your concentration.


There are plenty of great options at Gwyn Carless at The Light Yard. Our favourite is the Calex Kiruna Pendant Light which comes in Sapphire blue; a clean, smart statement luminaire to help you put your stamp on your stylish, new home office.


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