Create the ultimate cosy space with well-planned lighting

February 03, 2021 3 min read

Create the ultimate cosy space with well-planned lighting

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While the days may be slowly lengthening, spring is still several weeks away. So there’s still plenty of time (and ample reason) to retreat to that special cosy space within your home. 


Wait what? You say you don’t already have a dedicated space in your home that promotes feelings of cosiness, warmth and relaxation?


Well, you’ve come to the right place. The little known secret when it comes to cosiness is that cuddly teddy-inspired blankets, soft pillows and velvety furnishings will only take your at-home comfort so far.


What’s really needed to create the ultimate cosy space in your home is the right lighting.


Below we’ll outline a few pointers on which type of bulbs and lighting to choose, as well as how to position your lighting within your rooms to make the most of your snuggle space.


(We’ll also point you to some of our favourite luminaires along the way.)

Evo organic pendant lighting for studies and living rooms

1 – Make your light dimmable. We recommend dimmable lights for practically all rooms within your home, but especially in bedrooms, dining rooms and in any space that you really want to make atmospheric. Dimmed lighting allows spaces to have dual functions, so a home-office for example, can be transformed into a cosy space when the lighting is dimmed and papers are tidied away for the day.

(We recommend the breathtaking Evo Calex Organic Pendant Light – part of our Titanium Collection – which has a coil shaped-internal filament perfect for casting a warm white light throughout the room)


Alchemist long clear wall light with black base

2 – Soften the edges of the room. Using wall lights tends to give the room more depth than overhead lighting alone. They also help to give rooms an even glow. Position one near a sumptuous arm chair to turn a dark corner into a cosy nook for reading or listening to music.

(Try the Clear Glass Long Wall Light from our Alchemist Collection. Its timeless design and peerless handcrafted quality deliver sophisticated style matching virtually any setting or surroundings)


Malaga wall light, contemporary soft wall lighting for modern homes

3 – Go low. You’re looking for a place to wind down, so choose a bulb with a temperature of 2500 Kelvins or lower. This colour temperature will give your spaces that warm, almost golden glow. Bulbs on the higher end of the scale provide cooler lighting, which can seem garish at night. 


Optic 3 pendant light cluster

4 – Go low… again. This time, we’re talking about the height of the fixture. Sure we like our pendants and wall lights, but creating a truly cosy space requires you to introduce levels of light. A well-placed table lamp or floor lamp allows you to immerse yourself in pockets of light, which our brains interpret as pockets of warmth and safety.


The Orbital indoor floor lamp, warm cosy glowing industrial style lighting

(Our versatile Orbital Floor Lamp is the perfect fit. Impeccably crafted in our Derbyshire workshop, it comes in three stylish finishes. We also have an outdoor version of this luminaire, should you aim to create a cosy outdoor retreat on your patio or decking.)


Cosy spaces do not need ornate or fussy lighting or styling – just simple, homely beautiful items and the right balance between light and dark. This is a great way to pass the hours, allowing you to rest and feel restored while being surrounded by the comforts of home.


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