Add ambiance to patios with layers of light

August 05, 2021 3 min read

Add ambiance to patios with layers of light

We always want summer evenings to last a little longer, don’t we?

That’s because enjoying our patios in the twilight, as we gather together with family and friends we’ve missed, is what life is all about.

If you’re aiming to create a welcoming garden dining area environment, one which is conducive to long, winding conversations, to laughter and making memories, then lighting is a key component not to be overlooked.

Lighting might very well be the last thing on your list of priorities – after all, somewhere to sit is important too. However, lighting merits consideration and planning, otherwise your guests may be left sitting in the dark, or migrating back inside because of a lack of atmosphere outdoors.

These days our outdoor living spaces are extensions of our interiors – and we are inspired by garden design we see on Instagram and at events such as RHS Flower Shows. Unsurprisingly, lots of us aspire to give our patios the same measure of style and design intent which we see online, and want to mirror the design we’ve curated in our interior décor.

Lights for a layered look

Although exterior lighting schemes do differ, they are built on the same fundamental principles as interior ones. These include layering your lighting choices, creating a balance of light and dark, and bringing out the best of your outdoor spaces (while obscuring aspects which are not so stunning such as storage areas or wiring).

Light should be from multiple sources – not just from one very bright fixture. A single high-lumen light source can be garish and overwhelming; it can even be unsafe if guests are dazzled and then try to move about. Here are 6 types of lighting you could consider using as part of your patio lighting scheme…

1) Suspended Pendant Lights


Oversize outdoor pendant lights such as our Orbital Pendant Light are a perfect way to make a statement above a dining area. Be sure to choose a dimmable light so that the brightness of the pendant can be lowered to create an intimate mood.


2) Outdoor Spotlights


Recessed wall lights are used to highlight architectural and decorative elements such as sculptures, garden features such as fountains and ponds, as well as attractive foliage.


3) Wall Lights


A subtle light source such as the Eco Beacon Wall Light helps to add symmetry and creates a lovely spread of light on the wall of your property.



The Orbital Floor Lamp 

These aren’t just for inside the home anymore, as floor lamps are increasingly used to bring cosiness to gathering spaces. If your aim is to create an outdoor “lounge” or snug, a floor lamp is the way to go.


5) Deck & Path Lighting

Cube LED Deck Light

This lighting ensures the safety of your guests as they move from one part of the garden to the other. Perimeter lighting can also give a sense of depth across a lawn or illuminate a games or activities space. Choose lighting which is directed downward so as not to contribute to skyglow. 

6) Fire Pits

Inferno fire pit, handmade in the UK

Take the chill out of the evening by setting up a fire pit for guests to enjoy. If you haven’t already seen our new fire pit, the Inferno, forged by our own multi-talented Gwyn Carless, we highly recommend browsing these customisable cubes.


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