Front Door Glamour: 5 Ways to Spruce up your Threshold

August 09, 2021 3 min read

Front Door Glamour: 5 Ways to Spruce up your Threshold

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Most homeowners aspire to have a threshold to be proud of – whether duly impressing your guests when they pop over for a visit, or simply welcoming you home after a day at the office.

But having a winning front entrance isn’t just about making a great impression. An excellent entryway has the potential to increase the value of your property by thousands, improve the security of your home and even boost its energy-efficiency.

With so many boxes to tick, you may be seeking some tricks and tips to help you maximise kerb appeal, without breaking the bank. Luckily, it’s easy to balance form with function these days – making your home stand out for all the right reasons.

Here, we’ll look at 5 ways to enhance the front entrance of your home.


1: Front door ideas (Image courtesy of Classic Windows Ltd)


As the centrepiece of the project, the front door should have an eye-catching look in keeping with the period and structural design of your home.

According to property experts, classic colours such as charcoal grey, anthracite, black or red tend to be more appealing than hues of yellow, green and brown, which are far less popular.

“If you have a period property, a colour that complements its age, such as grey or black, will stand the test of time,” Jessica Plateo, marketing manager at Craig & Rose tells Ideal Home. “That’s not to say that bold, unorthodox choices don’t work here, but it depends on how much of a statement you’re intending to make.”


2: Hardware

Ornate Door Handle

It’s possible to add an influx of personality to your door by adorning it with distinctive hardware, such as a knocker, door pull, letterplate, bell push or door handle.

Door furniture is available in dozens of finishes – from antique brass to pewter to chrome – enabling you to choose the perfect complement in keeping with the style and colour of your home and of your front door.

So, what’s trending now? According to, Matte Black, Satin Brass and Polished Nickel are all surging in popularity. Matte Black is a particularly versatile choice, as its dark tones are reminiscent of wrought-iron details, making it perfect for traditional homes. At the same time, it can look boldly modern in a contemporary home with a minimalist aesthetic.


3: Greenery

bay trees  flanking front door entrance

Why not add a dash of foliage? Door wreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Today’s wreaths come in a rainbow of shades and styles to suit wide-ranging décor, from a simple Eucalyptus to a vibrant lemon loop. We love the simple chic of this handmade hoop wreath made with dried flowers and sheaths of wheat from Etsy.

Topiaries are ever popular evergreens, formally clipped to add symmetry, shape, or structure to gardens and porches. Beautiful, low-maintenance Bay Trees add a stately look –  and its foliage can even be added to marinades for cooking – or you could try container-friendly bamboo varieties such as the red-stemmed Fargesia, aka Red Dragon.

4: Lighting


If you’ve ever spent time fumbling with your keys on a dark winter evening, you’ll have some understanding of just how important front door lighting truly is to the enjoyment and security of your property. Wall lights, positioned either asymmetrically or on both sides of the doorway, create a sense of welcome and add visual interest.

You may decide to go with a classic “coach” light, or choose something a bit more modern such as our own Acier Beacon Pillar Wall Light.




If your front door is surrounded by a porch or portico, you may also wish to bring grandeur to the space by adding a statement pendant light overhead. For this we would recommend our 600mm diameter Orbital outdoor pendant light, available in 3 stunning finishes (we think they are particularly striking when matched with door furniture).




5:Driveway and walkway


Finally, do not underestimate the importance of the path leading to your front door, by which you and your guests approach your home.

We recommend adding path lighting to make the journey from driveway or gate a safe one, as well as step lighting at the centre of each step or at the side of the steps at regular intervals. This has the effect of elongating the steps, making the front of the home appear more grand. 

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