Hot Grill Autumn: Glam up your Garden with an Outdoor Fire Pit

September 13, 2021 3 min read

Hot Grill Autumn: Glam up your Garden with an Outdoor Fire Pit

The Great British summer always feels like it's gone in the blink of an eye. With lockdown restrictions limiting the amount of time we can spend with family and friends this year, it’s truer now than ever before

Brits eager to capitalise on the sunny weather have been turning in droves to urgently update their outdoor spaces. Retail technology firm NearSt points to a surge in searches for strimmers, patio furniture and all things al fresco, with a 142 per cent rise in people looking for outdoor products since lockdown was eased.


The humble fire pit emerged as one of the most popular items of 2021, with an incredible 89 per cent rise in demand since last year. It’s easy to see why. With many of us still limiting how much time we’re out of the house, fire pits are the perfect way to add a sense of occasion to any evening spent at home.

Whether you’re roasting marshmallows over an open fire or enjoying twilight talks by the glow of amber flames, fire pits make a great focal point for any outdoor gathering.

There are plenty of interesting and eye-catching options out there, from fire pits with built-in seating, to metallic models with an industrial edge. Here’s how to pick the fire pit that’s right for you.


You need your fire pit to contribute to the atmosphere of your outdoor space. That means matching it to the style of your patio or garden. It’s important to treat a fire pit like any other item of furniture in your home by taking the time to consider the environment you're placing it in.

Think about the style and colour of your patio and furniture. While open-basin cast iron fire pits contrast nicely with the minimalism of neutral white or stone-built patios, in a more rustic setting you might want to consider a silhouette fire pit or raised fire pit enclosed with a border of rocks.

The Diasy Inferno Fire Pit from Gwyn Carless At The Light Yard

There are plenty of kitschy and characterful designs hitting the market made from recycled materials, like old washing machine drums. These make a great alternative to more austere, traditional styles.

Size should be a key consideration. First, ask yourself how much space you realistically have to work with. While you want your fire pit to serve as a focal point, you don’t want it to dominate or detract from other points of interest. For smaller spaces, a traditional Indian Kadai fire bowl is an attractive, portable option.


Functionality is important, too. Are you using the fire pit simply as a place to gather around with your loved ones? Or are you planning to use it to cook with? If you’re dining al fresco, you might want to consider a traditional barbeque or even a fire pit that sits within the centre of a table. These models can double up as handy cook stations. Just make sure the smoke doesn’t get in your eyes!

If you’re looking for a great all-rounder, The Light Yard’s new Inferno Fire Pit fits the bill. Handmade to order in our Derbyshire workshop, the Inferno Fire Pit is made from solid sheets of 6mm mild steel and finished with a decorative bubble pattern.

The cubed fire pit is built to retain the heat making it one of the most efficient fire pits on the market. Its unique patterned walls encourage the glowing embers to emit a beautifully warm and ambient light, transforming the way your guests and your family enjoy your outdoor spaces.

It’s the perfect addition to any patio or outdoor gathering area.

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