Glass lighting: a clear winner for bathroom and bedroom illumination

March 25, 2022 3 min read

Glass lighting: a clear winner for bathroom and bedroom illumination

Glass lighting has been heralded as one of 2022’s top trends – and for good reason.


Glass lighting is extremely versatile and, especially when in textured or coloured finish, delivers a dynamic yet pared-back appearance, for a perfectly balanced overall look which can be easily incorporated into styles from industrial to cottagecore.


Here at Gwyn Carless at The Light Yard, we know a thing or two about styling lighting in every room. Read on below for our top tips and tricks for using glass lighting in your bedroom and bathroom…


Layer up


A range of light sources is key to creating ambience, especially in intimate spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.


There are three main types of lighting you need to know about: ambient lighting, which refers to the overall level of light in a room as a whole; task lighting, which is more targeted lighting for practical tasks; and accent lighting, which highlights specific features within a room.

Glass lighting offers the perfect opportunity for layering, as you can mix and match different styles while keeping glass as the common, unifying theme.


In the bedroom, we love clear glass wall lights, such as our Alchemist Glass Wall Light, for lighting up key areas like dressing tables.

Contemporary bedroom glass lighting design

Opt for matching fixtures on either side of a focal point such as a vanity, bed or chaise longue, to create a seamless symmetrical feel. Next, layer these carefully selected wall lights with a stylish statement piece for your main light source – dare to be bold with glass pendant lights in sets of three, hung at staggered levels for a more dramatic effect.


In the bathroom, layering is key to making a small space feel more luxurious. Well-positioned glass pendant lights around mirrors will create the illusion of more space with minimal effort. By grouping long or cylindrical styles together, you’ll draw the eye into otherwise forgotten corners with the naturally warm illumination a glass finish offers.

CIP44 copper bathroom wall lights

Keep in mind that for bathrooms, you’ll need lighting with the right IP ratings. Our blog on IP rating and bathrooms covers off everything you need to know about safety in bathroom lighting – plus, our bathroom collection features IP44 rated lights, safe for installation near to water sources such as baths and sinks.


Add texture and unique finishes

Glass doesn’t have to be understated. Play with different textures and finishes to create a focal point in bedrooms and bathrooms.


Coloured lights might not be your first thought when it comes to bathrooms, but hear us out – it’s a great way to play with contrast, especially when used as a central light above a bath.


We’re also more than a bit obsessed with light fixture shades bathed in copper, silver and gold leaf. These metallic finishes, as seen in our Alchemist series, pair perfectly with neutral hues, light-coloured tiles and metallic bathroom accessories. The metallic sheen, sophisticated and luminous, is beautifully complemented by smartly machined fixtures for a definitively high end look.

In the bedroom or kitchen, textured glass lights make it easy to build atmosphere while offering a fun focal point. A domed glass pendant, such as the one in our Prismatic Collection, puts a contemporary twist on a classic style thanks to its ribbed finish.

Prismatic domed glass pendant light

Domed Glass Pendant Light

Placed centrally in the room, a fixture with a ribbed glass shade will offer a warm glow with heaps of visual interest and appeal.


Charm, versatility and functionality: what else could you ask for? Glass shades certainly have our stamp of approval.


As trends go, this is one we hope is here to stay indefinitely.


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