How to hang pendant lights at different heights for effect

October 15, 2022 3 min read

How to hang pendant lights at different heights for effect

Make a statement with stylish pendant lights—they are a must for building ambience and creating a focal point in your favourite spaces.

The use of pendant lights are not only a want, but a need, according to interior designer Alex Papachristidis. “With the height of the ceiling, particularly in tall hallways or large rooms, you need something that hangs down to make the proportion of the room feel more intimate and human,” he says.

When hanging pendant lights, you’ll want to be aware of the ceiling height, the function of the lighting and what sits below the fixture. The lower the pendant, the more concentrated and direct the light will be—plus, it’ll make more of a statement as the room’s focal point. Higher-placed pendants provide a wider, gentler light projection, and contribute to a more casual feel.


Light up your kitchen island

Kitchen islands and pendant lights are the perfect pairing—it’s a classic combo of style and function. Here, you’ll want to position them high enough to be practical, while still maintaining the dramatic look of a suspended shade. You'll want at least 2.5-3 feet between your countertop and the bottom of your fixtures to ensure they light the space effectively, while not getting in the way of your day-to-day activities. It’s also worth keeping in mind the heights of the people in your household. No one should have to duck to stand comfortably around the kitchen! Islands that are five feet long or less usually suit one large or two medium pendants—like this carved conical ceramic light—while two larger or three medium sized pendants work well with longer kitchen islands.

hanging lights over kitchen island


Dine out on well-placed pendants

A well placed pendant light makes it easy to build that all-important ambience around the dinner table. As a general rule of thumb, dining room pendants are usually positioned 3 feet from your table or 6 feet from the floor and act as accent lights, rather than being the light source for the entire room. Rules are made to be broken, though—if this feels too formal, try playing with the positioning, bringing the fixture up to 7 feet from the floor. Single pendant lights are well-suited to small tables, but if you’ve got more space to play with, multiple pendants are a great way to make a statement—we love these tala lights for a modern luxe look.

a smoked glass cluster of pendant lights


Build bedroom ambience

Bedroom lighting is all about building atmosphere, and a central, statement pendant light is the perfect option for creating ambience and adding a stylish edge. When it’s the main light source in a bedroom, a pendant light works well positioned around 8-12 inches from the ceiling. This is a great place to play with pendants at staggered heights, too. Group two or three together for a sophisticated focal point—this optic ceramic pendant light has a gentle ribbed effect to add a textural element to your bedroom setup. If you’re opting for this look, ensure your lowest pendant is no more than 12 inches from the ceiling so the light projection stays gentle and open.

optic ceramic decorative pendant light cluster for bedrooms

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