What is the most Bat-Friendly outdoor lighting?

October 01, 2022 3 min read

What is the most Bat-Friendly outdoor lighting?

Here at Gwyn Carless at The Light Yard, we are all about sustainable, stylish picks for lighting your space—both inside and outside. But what is the most eco-friendly outdoor lighting? How do you balance sustainability with style? We’ve got a few ideas to help you design the perfect environmentally-friendly outdoor setup.


Light it up with LEDs

ECO Prestige bollard light - Bat Friendly Luxury sustainable eco friendly bat friendly bollard and path lighting

Your first port of call for outdoor lighting is the bulb itself. You’ll want a long-lasting light source that will last the distance.


LED bulbs are a budget- and eco-friendly option, perfect for illuminating outdoor spaces like paths, pools and patios.


LED bulbs require up to 80% less energy per lumen than standard incandescent light bulbs, and last up to six times longer, too.


Go for a dimmable option to build ambience and reduce energy usage even further—it’s a win-win! We love this stunning orbital hanging outdoor light for outdoor dining and entertaining as the weather warms up. It’s a real statement piece with a replaceable LED bulb that gives off a gentle, warm glow.


Be mindful of your materials


For a truly eco-friendly outdoor setup, you’ll want to look beyond the bulb. Consider the materials used for the rest of the fixture, too. You’ll want something waterproof and long-lasting to weather the elements, without compromising on style.


Sustainable materials like poplar and bamboo make it easy to incorporate an eco-friendly ethos in your outdoor lighting. Bamboo is renewable, durable and low-impact—the plant is naturally regenerative and the growing process doesn’t require any environmentally-harmful pesticides or irrigation. Our ​MOSO bamboo collection has some serious sustainability credentials. MOSO is carbon neutral, extremely durable and produced with strict safeguards to ensure its eco-friendly status is maintained. You can opt for a natural or dark-stained finish to suit your setup.


Shop smarter



Eco City 700 LED Bollard Light 


A big part of sustainability is making smart choices. High quality, locally made lighting will last a lifetime and ensure a smaller carbon footprint to boot. Gwyn Carless at The Light Yard’s outdoor lighting collection is ​​handcrafted to order in our Derbyshire workshop, bypassing the heavy environmental impact associated with mass production. By using time-honoured tools and techniques, our master craftsman and his team can focus on creating high quality goods, using only the materials and resources needed with the made-to-order model.


Once you’ve made the decision to shop local and handcrafted (go you!), you’ll want to ensure your eco-friendly lighting solutions last a lifetime. To keep your handcrafted outdoor lights looking pristine for years to come, invest in a few care products to keep the wood in good nick. Our exterior after care pack includes Hozol UV clear oil, mould remover and a sanding block to protect the bamboo through the changing seasons and keep the glass clear of any grime, dust or dirt buildup. A bit of elbow grease goes a long way to ensuring your outdoor lighting maintains its stunning appearance!



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