Important Tips for Lighting Your Home

December 13, 2017 2 min read

Important Tips for Lighting Your Home

A beautifully thought-out and executed lighting plan can undoubtedly make the most dramatic difference to your home and garden. It has the power to transform in exquisite ways and can be a very affordable way to create a whole new look and feel for the home.

Having said that, lighting is also mostly overlooked by the vast majority of people when remodeling their homes.

If you find yourself in the position of considering bringing a new lighting scheme to your home, take a look at the following tips from leading experts in the field:

1 – Consider Focal Points

We all have treasured pieces in our homes that we love so why not think about highlighting these well-loved ornaments or items of furniture. Table lamps and floor-standing lighting is excellent for this. Try to get away from using one lighting source to light a room.


2- Think about Feature Lighting

This can be done quite easily and cheaply as there are many types of battery-powered lighting on the market. Just think about it in a similar way as point 1 above. Task lighting or feature lighting can bring an attractive visual to a room be it subtly focusing light near mirrors, ornaments or any other attractive bits and pieces.


3 – Keep and Eye Open for Shadows

Never underestimate the impact of shadows. Light sources will inevitably create all manner of shadows around a room which can either be to wonderful effect or just create a feeling of clutter and untidiness. Try out several lighting fixtures and positions to discover what is pleasing.


4 – The Flexibility of Dimmer Switches

Image courtesy of Focus SB

Dimmer controls really are a boon. Installing them in every room gives you complete control over the mood and feel and also the intensity of the lighting. The flexibility they give really can’t be underplayed.


5 – Think About Up-Lighting

Don’t feel that you have to stay with conventional down-lighting in every room. Up-lighting can make massively transform the atmosphere, look and feel of a room and can be really effective on the exterior of your home. 


6 – Out of Sight

Think discretion. Consider keeping things out of sight i.e. cables and controls of lamps. Think streamlined in-built lighting. Stunning effects can be created when the lighting isn’t seen at all!


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