Landscape Lighting with (kerb) appeal

July 30, 2019 3 min read

Landscape Lighting with (kerb) appeal

We take a look at exterior lights for the front of your home, including your driveway, pathways and front door area…

Contemporary lighting ideas for front porch
Bringing light to gateways, driveways, pathways and porches isn’t just important for style, it’s essential for safety too. On dark nights and in inclement weather, points of light can guide your way into your property, or ensure visitors make their way safely to your door. At the same time, the lighting you choose for the front of your property can also boost its kerb appeal, thereby increasing its value.

Research from Dulux Weathershield estimates that the value of a property rises dramatically – as much as £55,000 – when care has been taken to make the front of the property more attractive. So why wait to make a great first impression? The Light Yard’s extensive range of hand-crafted exterior lights aren’t just beautiful, they are energy-efficient.

Plus they aren’t just energy-efficient, they are some of the most sustainable, low-carbon outdoor lighting options available anywhere in Europe!

So, what are the most important points to remember when choosing your lighting? Here are just a few…

Space driveway and pathway lights in regular intervals

ECO City 700 LED bollard how to evenly space garden bollard lights

While there isn’t a hard and fast rule about how much space to place between your driveway and pathway lights, it’s generally agreed that about six to eight feet does the trick – depending on how bright the lights are.

There may be particular features areas or features which require a light nearby for safety, such as a curve in the route, so you’ll want to plan around these features first, so that the spacing looks neat.

Choose lighting which eliminates glare and sky glow

While a small percentage of individuals want their home lit up like the Blackpool Illuminations, most prefer a more sophisticated, refined look. By choosing fixtures that are specially designed to reduce glare, you’ll avoid lighting which shines brighter than is comfortable for the human eye to look at or shining a light directly into the eyes of a driver, potentially causing obstacles in the driver’s way to become obscured.

ECO City 350 LED bollard, down lighting, Sky glow from electric light sources can be defined as brightness of the night sky as a result of light pollution when light is emitted directly upward by luminaires or scattered by dust and gas molecules in the atmosphere. Sky glow can obscure your view of the night sky, while posing a dangerous risk to local nocturnal wildlife.

By choosing a luminaire which directs light downward, such as our popular Eco City 700 LED Bollard Light, you can illuminate a driveway or pathway safely, but without the risk of glare or sky glow.




Make a grand entrance

Why is lighting the front door important? Well, we can think of nothing worse than standing in the dark rummaging around your bag unable to find your keys – then unable to find the lock!

The front door is a sensible place to install luminaires, and the perfect place for a stylish statement. There’s something undeniably alluring about the contemporary door + hardware + wall lights combination – it never fails to impress. In fact, we’re a bit head over heels for Houzz’s 2019 round-up of contemporary front doors; while the National Home Improvement Council recently released a handy guide to selecting a safe and energy-efficient front door. 

ECO Beacon pillar wall light Exterior wall lights and pendant lights can bring much-needed brightness to porticos and porches. Browse our range of exterior pendant lights, which have IP44 ratings or higher. Or, our lighting experts can help you to choose should you wish to use our lighting design service.

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