A truly unique Lighting design service

July 18, 2019 3 min read

A truly unique Lighting design service

We collaborate with you to create the home and garden lighting scheme you’ve been dreaming of…

Our design service is ideal for clients searching for a tailor-made, hassle-free route to extraordinary lighting in their home or garden.

The bespoke quality of our lighting allows us to tailor our lighting fixtures to very specific requests and requirements. Often, our clients have a particular feature within their home or garden which necessitates expert insight and an original, creative approach.

Light Yard interior lighting design service It all starts with an in-depth discussion of the room/area’s purpose and the desired impact that the individual wants to achieve. A thorough understanding of our client’s tastes and preferences is crucial. We can recognise when a particular lighting fixture or a modification to an existing design strikes a chord with a client – call it falling head over heels for a product! – and this reaction often leads to a custom design solution which really ticks all the boxes.

For us, there’s nothing more exciting than designing a scheme which delivers instant impact, in which the built-in features of a particular home or garden space work in flawless complement with the illumination of that space – as though it was meant to be.

Corrective lighting design

We are often approached by clients who have first attempted their own lighting design concept, only to later find themselves disappointed in the imbalance, poor longevity and/or inefficiencies of those choices.

If you have found that your own home lighting scheme fails to achieve a great sense of balance or the impact you desire, we can offer a bespoke lighting solution to bring new life to your interior or exterior spaces.

We've faced nearly every design roadblock in the book – from the challenge of a curved brick ceiling in a renovated schoolhouse to the outdoor lighting scheme of a remote villa located on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Whatever ups and downs you’ve encountered in lighting your private residence, we guarantee a smooth experience which will deliver your ideal outcome.

Contemporary style for your home and garden

Outsourcing the lighting design of the home, garden, driveway or entryway is seen by many of our clients as an investment. Our lighting schemes are specially created around each client’s tastes and preferences, and we pride ourselves on taking an original approach which sees every client as unique.

Light Yard exterior lighting design service Taking great pains to create the perfect exterior lighting scheme has become more popular among homeowners in recent years. Not only has a surge in LED technology led to the availability of a wide range of energy-efficient options, homeowners are also increasingly utilising features such as open plan kitchen/sitting room layouts and bi-folds doors.

These modern features work to increase the usable living space by extending the areas where we work and socialise beyond the interior. In this redefined indoor/outdoor lifestyle, a great lighting scheme is essential, since it helps creates continuity from the inside to the outside, helps us to connect with the outdoors and encourages us to use those spaces effectively.

When it comes to garden design selections, our ECO Classic and ECO Grande have been among the most popular choices in our collections. And, since we had the pleasure of presenting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, our floor and pendant orbitals have also seen a surge of interest. Our ECO Beacon wall lights are great options for the illumination of terrace and patio areas as well as porches and entryways.

A superior design service

A small team of dedicated professionals is responsible for our design service, with each project is personally overseen by director Jeff Fuller. As part of the design process our graphic designer will create working illustrations, which help to ensure the intended effect is realised. This includes a hand-drawn day-time impression, which is then transformed into a night-time scene featuring illuminated lighting fixtures set against the backdrop of a glittering star-filled sky.

Light Yard design service For laser cut logo work and custom product designs, CAD renders are carefully created to ensure on-point production. We can also create templates and mock-ups in real wood to send to clients – next year we even plan to add 3D printing as part of our product design service.

We’d be delighted to discuss your private residential lighting project, so for further illuminating information on our collections, please browse thelightyard.com. To speak with a member of TLY’s team, call +44 (0)330 2233 940, email info@thelightyard.com or fill in our contact form here.

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