IP ratings: Buy outdoor lighting with confidence

July 16, 2019 2 min read

IP ratings: Buy outdoor lighting with confidence

 Here we explain which IP ratings to look for when shopping for outdoor lights…


Q: How important is IP rating when you’re shopping for outside lights?

A: Given the unpredictability of British weather, you want to be sure your outside lights are made to withstand the elements. However, if you’re not familiar with the IP system you may be uncertain which rating is necessary for the outdoor space you wish to light.


IP65 cube deck light from The Light Yard
Like lighting for a bathroom, shower room or wet room, the appropriate IP rating for lighting in outdoor spaces depends upon the expected exposure to particle and moisture ingress.

A good rule of thumb is that the higher the IP rating, the more protection from water and dust provided by the product’s enclosures. 



IP44 And Above

IP rating chart

IP ratings of between 44 and 65 may be used for both indoor and general outdoor use. Anything lower than IP44 should only be used indoors, however. 

IP44 outdoor lights can withstand rain and are safe to use outdoors, however should not be exposed to pressurised water such as a jet wash. Splashing water against the enclosure from any direction will not have a harmful effect.

IP54 outdoor lights carry the same protection for water ingress, however their enclosures have further resistance to the ingress of dust particles (solid bodies larger than 1mm).

Many people are surprised to discover that The Light Yard offers a range of pendant and floor lights which are specially designed for outdoor use, including our new Orbital Pendant Light and our550mm-high hot-rolled steel Orbital floor light.


Stunning Outdoor Options

So, it begs the question – why illuminate your outside spaces with uninspiring lighting fixtures when there are beautiful options which have been specially designed to create a stylish and relaxed environment?

Feast your eyes on some of the options below, all of which are rated IP44 or above.

ECO Classic LED Bollard Light, sustainable outdoor lighting
IP Rating: IP65
Style: Contemporary
Top selling points: Hard-wearing, made from sustainable MOSO Bamboo
Recommended for: Driveways, footpaths, perimeters

Product Review: Eco Beacon Wall Light 
ECO Beacon LED outdoor wall light

IP rating: IP65
Style: Contemporary
Top selling points: Handmade to order, energy efficient
Recommended for: Patios, Extensions, Pillars, Gate Posts

Product Review: Orbital Suspended Pendant Light 

IP54 Orbital industrial style suspended ceiling light
IP rating: IP54
Style: Contemporary
Top selling points: Natural raw steel or patina (rusty) finish
Recommended for: Patios and outdoor entertainment areas

Our complete range of outdoor lighting fixtures can be viewed here

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