The Secrets To Amazing Indoor Lighting

January 03, 2018 2 min read

The Secrets To Amazing Indoor Lighting

We've put together our top 10 tips to help you create amazing spaces with light 

It’s fairly safe to say that the majority of people jump into a DIY project for their home without even considering putting a proper plan together. This is even more apparent when it comes to considering the lighting implications. As always follow the mantra, plan ahead! This will ensure all your beautiful pieces and decoration will be properly lit and shown at their best.

While some people are able to engage a lighting designer, this option isn’t always available to the rest of us.

If you are planning a designer lighting projectof your own take a look at these ideas taken from the countless ones out there.


  • Lend interest and fun to a room by placing different lighting fixtures at particular places and heights.
  • Consider the brightness levels of your lighting. Nobody wants to sit in glaring, bright light for long. The light from downlights can often be inadequate to light a room.
  • A single light fitting placed in the centre of a kitchen is inadvisable. Rather, use countertop lights. A bathroom mirror that is lit from above and sides helps eliminate shadows.
  • It’s unnecessary to direct bright light onto your walls/artwork. This type of lighting should not be obvious but blend in more with the room.
  • Dimmer switches are the way to go. Have an individual dimmer for each light. This allows for control over mood lighting and being able to control the amount of light saves energy and money. These switches can now be programmable from your phone or computer.
  • Three things to consider when deciding where to place your lights – height, size of fixture and positioning.
  • It’s a good idea to think about the fixtures themselves as a work of art. An interesting/beautiful piece makes a statement.
  • Be creative with lighting in your dining room. For example hanging groups of pendant lights at different heights over your table. Dimmer switches are a boon here.
  • Energy efficient LED lights are a great idea when you have a sizable area to light. There are innumerable designs and colours on the market which are customizable and affordable.
  • Putting together a mixture of different styles of fittings creates a unique look for your home. They attract attention because of their differences.

Lighting your home is about creating the atmosphere you want to create. It should bring your home to life and make you happy. Consideration should be given to the ambient lighting (general), task lighting (for reading, cooking etc) and accent lighting (for highlighting a focal point). This creates a feeling of flow and ease.

And don’t forget that dimmer switch!


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