Why the Kiruna Bathroom Light is already making a splash

January 10, 2020 2 min read

Why the Kiruna Bathroom Light is already making a splash

So, you want to add colour to your bathroom with a new lighting fixture? Luckily, our Kiruna lights are IP44-rated.

 Make a splash in the bathroom – no, not with water… with colour!

Interior designers and home décor DIY-ers alike are falling for our new Kiruna pendant and wall lights, thanks in no small part to their vibrant hues and on-trend contemporary look.

These all new dimmable bathroom lighting solutions are available exclusively at The Light Yard. 

Amalfi IP44 bathroom wall light in colured glass The Kiruna pendant and wall lights – featuring 4W LED Filament ES Calex bulbs in distinctive hues of Quartz Pink, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green – have the power to transform your bland bathroom, shower room or wet room into a bright, bubbly living space.

While coloured bulbs may be found in high street stores, we provide a lighting solution that is safe for installation in wet zones 1, 2 and 3 – and that’s something you won’t find at other retailers. This means you can install the Kiruna above your bathtub for added atmosphere and glamour. (Need to know more about IP ratings? Read more here.)

The Kiruna also provides the fine details essential to high specification bathrooms, such as an antique bronze lamp holder. In the pendant variety, you’ll find a high quality fabric flex and black brass low profile ceiling rose, while the matching wall lights feature a dark stain solid bamboo base. These elements cleverly combine to give the lights understated elegance and a striking appearance.

Every Kiruna light is dimmable, helping to take your bathroom from a fully lit area in which to prepare for the day ahead to a relaxed, atmospheric space in which to unwind come evening. 



Amalfi IP44 bathroom coloured glass pendants The amount of light provided by each light varies slightly according to its colour. The pink and green varieties are 200 lumens, while blue is 150 lumens. The total number of lumens needed will depend on the purpose of the lighting and the size of the room itself. You are likely to need more lumens than the Kiruna provides for detailed tasks such as make-up application, however the Kiruna delivers ideal ambient brightness and it can be used in clusters without overwhelming the space.

What is a Lumen? Unlike watts, which measure the power used, lumens measure luminous flux, or the amount of light emitted, as it streams outward in one steradian, or solid angle.

Made bespoke to suit your living space

Should you wish to adapt your Kiruna light to meet particular specifications, our design team will do everything possible to accommodate you. For example, if you would prefer a natural wood look instead of the dark stain solid bamboo base pictured, a longer drop on the fabric flex (our standard length is 200cm) or other modifications, please contact a member of our team to discuss your needs in detail.

To speak with a member of The Light Yard team, call 0330 223 3940 or email info@thelightyard.com

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