7 ways to host an amazing (socially distant) Father’s Day barbecue

June 18, 2020 3 min read

7 ways to host an amazing (socially distant) Father’s Day barbecue

 What better way to honour the dads who’ve done so much…


With the outbreak of Covid-19 upending our lives and routines so completely, honouring dads and grandads with special day of laid-back celebrations may be just what we need now.


Groups of up to six are permitted to enjoy socially distanced meetings in parks and private gardens. This means you can still celebrate Father’s Day with your loved ones – and do so safely by taking appropriate precautions.


A socially distant garden party or barbecue is a perfect way to show dad some appreciation and take advantage of summer weather. Here are 7 top tips to make your Father’s Day party a grand day out (in the garden)…


  1. Plan how you will manage social distancing. Staying safe should be everyone’s top priority. And while you could divide the garden with strips of bunting or ask each guest to wear a hula hoop, following these expert social distancing guidelines will be arguably simpler:


  • Ensure those you invite to your get-together have been practising social distancing to the same level you have been
  • Ask guests to bring their own cutlery, plates and condiments
  • Have a one-way system around the buffet table
  • Only allow one person to handle barbecue tongs
  • Rather than passing plates, set them down and let others approach after you have stepped away
  • Prepare seating ahead of time, placing chairs two metres apart and avoid turning them face to face


  1. Opt for an eco-friendly grill. Ditch the commonplace disposable barbecue and go for a reusable one. Comparing gas and charcoal BBQs is a tricky business, however the charcoal versions are in fact slightly better. While charcoal releases more than 100x as much carbon monoxide than gas, charcoal is carbon neutral as it releases carbon tied up temporarily in the tree it was made from. On the other hand, gas used to power barbecues (propane/butane) is a fossil fuel, so it is a net contributor to global carbon levels.


  1. Cook up something new. Supermarkets including Co-op and Aldi have released brand new summer BBQ ranges. Aldi’s is vegan and introduces two new plant-based kebabs, while the Coop has brought out 25 new products both with meat and meat-free.


  1. Incorporate seasonal foods. June is a fantastic month for fresh veg including broad beans, asparagus, rocket, celery, pak choi and courgettes; and in the fruit department, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and tomatoes are starting to ripen. Find out more at goodtoknow.co.uk.


  1. Become a publican. We’re all missing the pub right about now, and the prospective date for opening our locals is still weeks away. It should come as no surprise that at-home garden pubs are booming in popularity, from converting a basic kitchen cart to adding a chill trough to a wooden picnic table to making your own “murphy” style fold-down bar. Wickes is even offering a build-your-own garden bar for just £350. Just be sure to stock Dad’s favourite tipple.


  1. Set the scene. Lockdown has brought with it a spate of competitiveness when it comes to our garden spaces. Whether you’ve got a world-class garden designer on speed dial or you’re a DIY landscaper, make sure yours looks its best with the right foundations, furniture and foliage. If you’re working with a blank page, check out our blog on dividing up your garden into useable living space, here.


  1. Stay up late. As daylight fades, prepare your garden for an evening of entertainment. You could keep the hits rolling with high-tech speakers, or pin a white sheet to a washing line for an outside cinema experience. (You can hire an outdoor projectors or purchase one yourself from £300 to £1,500 depending on the power and connectivity options.) A chiminea or fire pit can create atmosphere and warmth, while strings of fairy lights and dramatic exterior lighting ensure the fun continues.


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