Can the right lighting really make my bathroom look bigger?

July 05, 2020 3 min read

Can the right lighting really make my bathroom look bigger?

It’s a question we hear often – will changing the lighting in my bathroom make it feel more spacious?

We have to admit, we’re slightly obsessed when it comes to bathroom lighting. Not only do we fawn over residential and commercial lighting design examples from around the world, we love nothing more than observing first hand as the right lighting transforms an interior or exterior space.

Introducing the right luminaire to a space has the power to amplify the existing character of an already beautiful room – and time and again we’ve watched in fascination as high impact lighting fixtures completely rewrite the purpose and feel of a space.

Not the same old bathroom – in concept, or in look

IP44 Barcelona bathroom pendant & wall lights by the light yard

Home interiors have evolved immensely over the past two decades – perhaps nowhere more than in bathroom design.

For a start there’s the boom in tile design, both mass-produced and hand-painted, the deconstruction of the shower space to glass-only or black-frame enclosure, and wide-ranging hardware finishes coming to the marketplace. Layering on that is the shift in purpose that the bathroom has undergone – it’s no longer just about the morning shower or washing away the day, the bathroom has become a sanctuary of wellbeing and health.

Giving this trend momentum is the acceptance of spa treatments and wellness retreats as regular fixtures in our self-care routines. Now, homeowners want to recreate this feeling of luxury and wellness in their own homes. And although it was once considered to be the remit of the 1%, bathrooms and shower rooms which reflect these spa and wellness experiences are becoming mainstream.

These days, the bathroom is the ultimate relaxation space: boasting high quality fixtures, speakers and of course lighting, ideal for the promotion of wellness and self-care.


Bathroom lighting has evolved too. Gone are the days of boring bathroom lighting. Today, IP44-rated lighting fixtures (those that stop the ingress of water and particles in compliance with building regulation) are available in a wide range of types, colours and styles – whether you want to have a jaw-dropping pendant light over the bath, or a pair of gorgeous wall lights gracing either side of a large mirror.

IP44 Evo organic bathroom pendant light

IP44 Evo Organic Pendant Light 

The right bathroom lighting is integral to making the bathroom feel inviting and expansive – but you don’t have to take our word for it. Interior design experts across the board will tell you that the right lighting is crucial for effective design in bathroom, shower room and wet room spaces, and should never be left as a last priority.

Although many people rely on a single ceiling fixture to do the job, explains, purpose-driving lighting is one of the easiest ways to make a room feel larger. Creative solutions for the walls abound, and investing in a wall-mounted light which fits the space is a must.

Bathrooms and shower rooms typically incorporate a lot of white elements already, including the tub, toilet and sink basin for example, so to give the room a big and breezy feel, complement these with textured white or a tone-on-tone palette in hues including warm beige, soft grey or faint pastels. For a bespoke look, choose a sumptuous tile, then choose accessories which will bring out the subtle hues within it.

To achieve a spa-like effect, illuminate the space using natural light and atmospheric, dimmable lighting fixtures (with the right level of lumens and colour warmth) in critical points overhead and on the walls.

Along with creating a serene environment, subtle yet effective illumination across the entire space will give your bathroom or shower room that enlarged and open feel… helping you create the perfect space for unwinding. And relaaaaaaax


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