What sort of lighting is best for my child’s bedroom, playroom and study areas?

July 28, 2020 3 min read

What sort of lighting is best for my child’s bedroom, playroom and study areas?

If you’re a parent, right about now you’ll be well acquainted with the pressures of keeping children entertained and educated through lockdown.

Even though schools would normally be breaking for summer holidays, with the closures of play centres and attractions, it’s easy to feel like your usual routine has been well and truly scuppered.

It’s important to focus on what you can control. And while the kids themselves may be climbing the walls, a few simple changes to their environment can contribute to a sense of calm – for both you and them…

Here at Gwyn Carless at The Light Yard, we’re passionate about the use of effective lighting for better health and wellbeing. And as many of us are spending more time than ever indoors, it’s more important than ever to adapt your lighting strategy to align with your current needs.

And nowhere is this more vital than in the spaces you dedicate to your kids. When choosing lighting solutions for their rooms, you’ll want to cater to their needs – whether it's schoolwork, sleep or play.

Ambient Lighting 
Child holding led sting lights

A child’s eyesight is constantly developing. That’s why facilities like schools and nurseries take lighting so seriously. Research shows that inappropriately bright light can contribute to eye problems like myopia, which is increasingly common among young children.

Lighting for kids spaces often incorporates strong contrast. Parents may choose to punctuate a dark room with vibrant, glowing lights to create atmosphere. Although this can create a sense of mystery and fun, these large illumination differences can irritate young eyes.

Instead opt for comfortable, ambient lighting that creates an enjoyable setting for learning and play, while protecting their eyes at critical stages of development. Desk and wall lamps can complement ceiling lights, and help to create a uniform lighting environment.

Ceiling & Pendant Lights
childrens room ceiling light

Children’s ceiling lights can be a fun, aesthetic option perfect for curious young minds. Available in a range of creative designs, including different colours and characters, these lights are a great option if you want to spark your kids’ imaginations.

Multicoloured ceiling lights can also influence the colour of the room – creating an interesting variation. Just be sure to choose for a low-wattage bulb and ensure your children’s lights are never covered with fabric.

Decorative pendant lighting for childrens bedroom


Pendant lights are a great way of delineating spaces. It’s true when you hang a pendant light above your dining room table and it's true for your kids’ rooms too.

Whether you want to illuminate a desk or workspace to ensure their eyes aren’t strained while doing their homework, or you want to draw attention to their favourite toy or tabletop game, pendant lights are a wonderful way of directing light towards an area or object; while maximising space within a room.

Night lights
child reading in bed with night light

If you have younger children, you know the important role lighting plays in making them feel safe. Whether your little one is experiencing nightmares or is a frequent traveller between bed and bathroom, a nightlight helps to ensure they feel secure and won’t stumble or fall en route.

Motion sensor night lights are excellent electricity savers, and most models now have LED bulbs for minimum power consumption.

The good news is that designing for children means you have the freedom to make your décor as whimsical and colourful as you like, and it’s a great way to be creative together in a fun, engaging project –  it might just be the perfect activity to undertake during this year’s summer holidays.

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