Get in sync with statement lighting

May 25, 2021 2 min read

Get in sync with statement lighting

When you have a beautifully decorated room but still feel like there’s something missing, it’s probably time to examine your lighting choices. What’s lacking could very well be a statement lighting piece to serve as a focal point, or a series of matching luminaires to tie your look together.

The term “statement lighting” may sound a little overwhelming at first, but it’s easier to incorporate into your space than you may think. 

Bold lighting can take the form of anything from quirky floor lamps to colourful pendants and oversized chandeliers. Whether it’s an eye-catching shape, colour or texture, a statement piece could be that finishing touch to bring artistry, style and personality to your abode.

Ideally, statement lighting should meet these criteria:

  • Look as spectacular switched off as it does when it’s on
  • Balance functionality with form
  • Complete the room without overwhelming the space
Barcelona wall lights with dog

“Go as big as you dare” says many an interior designer. But statement lighting doesn’t necessarily mean oversized, and you could unwittingly overpower the space.

Aside from its largeness, it could also be the material, the shape or the texture of the luminaire that makes it stand out. Wood, glass, textiles, porcelain and even feathers are just some of the materials used in statement lighting today – our own offering even includes statement lighting made from motorbike helmets!

Statement Lighting – Room by Room
Barcelona pendant lights

In dining rooms, large pendant lights work brilliantly when positioned in a series or cascading over dining tables, creating an eyecatching vertical centrepiece. Make sure your lighting here is made dimmable, so that you can create an intimate atmosphere.

In bathrooms, statement lighting can be used over a freestanding bath to deliver a higher-end, boutique hotel look. 

Gwyn Carless at The Light Yard has developed the UK’s most extensive artisan bathroom lighting offering, affording interiors stylists and homeowners a wide range of styles from which to choose – from our Calex Collections featuring metallic and reflective LED Calex light bulbs to our Alchemist Collections featuring hand-cut glass shades to our Art Nouveau-inspired LSA Collection.


Exterior orbital pendant light

Because all of our bathroom lights are IP44-rated, this means you won’t have to compromise on style to achieve the IP rating you need. Statement lighting creates a memorable experience for guests when installed in entryways, hallways and stairwells. It can also add the final touch to gardens and patios, and provide a glamorous outdoor entertainment area. Statement outdoor lighting, such as our Exterior Orbital Pendant Light, is a perfect finishing touch for a newly renovated patio.

Dipping your toe into the pool of statement lighting for the first time? Be bold and choose a lighting fixture that will bring style and artistic flair to your room – it could be the missing puzzle piece you’ve been looking for. 

Discover our complete indoor lighting collection here

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