The all-new Prismatic Collection: Lighting guaranteed never to go out of style

May 24, 2021 3 min read

The all-new Prismatic Collection: Lighting guaranteed never to go out of style

We are delighted to reveal the latest lighting from the studio of Gwyn Carless at The Light Yard: The Prismatic Pendant Light & Wall LightCollection.

Made with high quality ribbed glass, the all-new luminaires – available in 3 pendant sizes, a dome pendant and matching wall lights – disperse glorious light throughout your interior spaces.

Each captivating luminaire delivers timeless style – incorporating textural prismatic glass for visual interest, and elegant shaping for a rich and sophisticated appearance.

Why choose Ribbed a.k.a Reeded?

Ribbed glass is the pinnacle of versatility. It’s perfectly at home in industrial and modern settings, and equally stunning amongst traditional and cottagecore interior décor.

Founder and director of The Light Yard, Jeff Fuller comments, “We knew there was a tremendous opportunity to expand our offering of ribbed glass lighting, which over the past five years has received nonstop interest from homeowners, hotel proprietors and interior designers alike.

“Ribbed glass, which is sometimes called reeded glass, is truly ageless and seems to stand apart from the usual fluctuating trends. And as one of the only styles which you can absolutely depend on to cross beautifully between a huge range of interior décor stylings, its versatility is another reason it is still so immensely popular.

“Gwyn and I always listen to the feedback from our customers, who this time have asked us to create something a bit softer and more organic. The Prismatic Collection is just that… We’ve taken the reeded look, elongated it and added some curve. There’s no limit to the way this expanded Collection of reeded glass can be used in interior spaces, from bathrooms to kitchens and dining areas to bedrooms. The possibilities are truly endless.”

How To Style The Prismatic Collection
Dome prismatic pendant light

The Dome Pendant. At 30cm diameter this large pendant makes a grand statement in any interior space. We particularly love this look in kitchen schemes, but with unrivalled versatility it is equally as stunning in the dining room, home office or utility room. All pendant lights in the Collection come in your choice of two exquisite finishes: antique bronze or brushed brass. Also included are a modern ceiling rose and fabric flex, which deliver a refined and unified contemporary aesthetic.

Elongated prismatic pendant light from The Light Yard

The Elongated Pendant. There are so many possibilities in how you style your ribbed glass pendant light. Style it singularly or as part of a cluster as you select from three different sizes. Use smaller luminaires to bring an intimate glow to diminutive spaces such as nooks and desk areas – or create a statement in expansive spaces such as entryways, stairwells, and kitchens with our larger pendants.

Prismatic glass wall light from The Light Yard

The Wall Light. Available in two sizes, our Prismatic Glass Wall Lights are the ideal complement to our Elongated Pendant Lights. Enabling a graceful transition from one room to the next, or serving to unify the look and feel of a particular space, the luminaires allow homeowners and design professionals greater flexibility and superior design continuity across the breadth of the design project at hand. Each charming wall light features exquisitely machined fixtures – in your choice of matt black, to give a sleek pared-back look, or brushed brass, for a dynamic aesthetic which will draw the eye to this captivating wall light.

The Prismatic Collection is the ideal blend of charm and functionality, since each luminaire is available in an IP44-rated version, which is “bathroom ready” for safe installation in your bathroom, shower room or wet room.


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