Is IP44 suitable for a bathroom?

June 10, 2022 2 min read

Is IP44 suitable for a bathroom?

Welcome to our new series, entitled: ‘Boost your IP IQ’!

Each week we’ll be answering the Internet’s biggest questions in lighting and IP, aiming to provide all the answers homeowners need to know.

Naturally, we’ll be focusing on lighting options for bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms, since this is where you will find that Ingress Protection, or IP for short, comes in to play.

Plus we’ll be highlighting the most popular choices from our own Bathroom Lighting Collection – beloved by many of the UK’s top lighting designers and architects!

So without further ado, let’s get to our first two questions…


Question 1: ‘Do bathroom lights have to be IP rated?’

Answer: The short answer is ‘Yes, they certainly do!’ Any light fixture in proximity to a water source must have the right level of ingress protection, or IP for short.

The degree to which the lighting fixtures keep out moisture and particles, thus providing adequate protection for both you and the longevity of your lighting fixture, is measured by IP rating.

Technically all lighting fixtures will have an IP rating, since even if untested they receive the lowest IP rating. However, it’s important to make sure you have the right IP rating for each Zone in your bathroom, shower room or wet room.

Not sure about Zones? Check out our guide HERE


Question 2: ‘Is IP44 suitable for a bathroom?’

Answer: The IP rating you need depends on the type of lighting, and how close to a water source or receptacle it will be positioned.

For decorative lighting in bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms, any light fixture with an IP44 rating or higher will be suitable. This includes wall lighting positioned around the vanity or above the sink, any ceiling lights, and pendants suspended over a bathtub*.

You only need to go higher than IP44 if you anticipate that the light fixture will be subject to high pressure water streams or splashes in all directions.

*If the light uses a 230V supply, a 30ma RCD (residual current device) must be used to protect the circuit in cases where the light is installed above a shower or bath.

Should you require further guidance, just ask a member of our team.

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